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K-music 2023: CelloGayageum + Dasom Baek

The second concert in this year’s K-music festival:

K-music 2023: CelloGayageum + Dasom Baek

Date: Friday 6 October 2023, 8pm (Doors 7:30pm)
Kings Place | 90 York Way | Kings Cross | London N1 9AG | | [Map]

Tickets: £16 + booking fee | Buy tickets here
CelloGayageum + Dasom Baek

CelloGayageum showcases the seamless integration of Western and Eastern string instruments, bringing forth a harmonious fusion of sounds that transcends cultural boundaries. This captivating collaboration features the exquisite pairing of the cello and gayageum, creating a truly enchanting musical experience. Adding to the allure, Dasom Baek‘s masterful performance on the daegeum, a large bamboo flute, gracefully unifies the rich musical traditions of both the East and West. Prepare to be transported to new musical heights as these exceptional artists come together to create a symphony that beautifully bridges cultural divides.

CelloGayageum was founded in 2016 by Austrian cellist Sol Daniel Kim and Korean gayageum player Dayoung Yoon. The duo drew inspiration from the Pavilion of Unity situated in the centre of Berlin, the catalyst for an intercultural approach to making music that celebrates the harmonious symbiosis between two different cultures and traditions in the search for something new.

They quickly gained recognition in Europe, starting with their debut in Berlin and other European countries. In 2020, they won the Artist of the Year Award in a Korean music incubation programme hosted by Jeongdong Theater, and in 2021, they were invited to perform at the Korea-Netherlands 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations in the Netherlands and Germany.

Dasom Baek is an accomplished composer, improviser, collaborator, and solo performer specialising in traditional Korean instruments such as daegeum, sogeum, danso, and saenghwang. With a deep appreciation for tradition and a passion for exploration, she brings an innovative approach to traditional Korean music. Her unique style, which incorporates modern techniques and electronic elements and layering, offers an engrossing experience. In 2021, she collaborated with Argentinean cellist Violeta Garcia on the album Absence, featuring avant-garde and experimental music. In 2022, she showcased at renowned festivals such as Rewire Festival in Den Haag, BDRCST Festival in Brussels, and New Grounds in Rotterdam. In September 2023, she will release her second solo album, Mirror City.

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