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Artist Talk: Jinjoon Lee in conversation with Biao Xiang

Date: Saturday 7 October 2023, 11am - 12:30pm
Venue: Online | Tickets: Free |
Jinjoon Lee: Manufactured Nature: Irworobongdo
Jinjoon Lee: Manufactured Nature: Irworobongdo (2023). Video still

In partnership with the Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK) in London, esea contemporary is delighted to present a special artwork by Dr Jinjoon Lee in our Communal Project Space, accompanied by an online artist talk.

The display ‘Manufactured Nature: Irworobongdo’ (2022) is a conceptual extension to Lee’s solo exhibition ‘Audible Garden’ at KCCUK. It particularly focuses on the hue of green and its quintessence in altering the mood of the spatial narrative. The colour itself, often regarded as synonymous with nature, evokes a calm and serene ambiance, immersing the visitors in a transcending sensory journey. It not only binds the essence of nature into the spatial realm but also orchestrates a reflective dialogue between the audience and the manufactured interpretation of nature as mediated by modern-day media like AI, etc. The meticulous incorporation of green is not merely visual; it also invites the audience to delve into a deeper understanding of how media manufactures and distils our perception of nature. The artist’s intention is to spawn a juxtaposition between the authentic essence of nature and its media-mediated portrayal, ushering in a contemplative narrative on the nuances of our interpreted realities.

Jinjoon Lee
Jinjoon Lee at KCCUK. Courtesy of the artist and KCCUK
Inside Lee’s current solo show at KCCUK in London, the amalgamation of AI generated Korean traditional instrument ‘Geomungo’ sounds with the hue of green crafts a discourse that transcends the visual and auditory senses. The resonance between the traditional and the contemporary, mediated through digital interpretations, is expected to foster a unique sensory and intellectual exploration.

On 7 October, esea contemporary will host an online talk with Dr Jinjoon Lee to further discuss the major themes of his practice and research. Lee will be joined with Social Anthropologist and Director of Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Germany. This event will be mediated by Xiaowen Zhu, director of esea contemporary.

The project is co-presented by the KCCUK and esea contemporary, and is a part of the exhibition ‘Jinjoon Lee: Audible Garden’ at the Korean Cultural Centre. For more information, please visit

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