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Korean crafts at Collect 2024

Date: Friday 1 March - Sunday 3 March 2024
Somerset House | Strand | London WC2R 1LA | | [Map]

Tickets: £27.00 | Get tickets here
Lloyd Choi will be giving a booth talk at 2pm on 1 March

Collect logo

Collect, now in its 20th year, offers collectors an opportunity to acquire new, museum-quality handcrafted artworks from some of 21st Century’s finest craft talent. As in previous years, there is a strong Korean representation, with five Korea-specialist galleries exhibiting. You will also find individual Korean artists in galleries without a country focus:

Gallery Sklo

Booth: South Wing S3 | Webpage

A hollow, hexagonal-faceted glass globe
Park Sunghoon: Void #9, 2023. Blown, coldworked and polished glass, Photo: Gil, courtesy the gallery and artist

Founded in 2003, Gallery Sklo specialises in Korean contemporary glass, with the intention of changing the perception of glass as a craft material and to promote it in the wider contemporary art scene. The gallery is also expanding its scope by showcasing work by artists who use other materials. At Collect 2024, pieces by five Korean glass artists will be on display, together with metal and textile artists including PARK Sunghoon and LEE Jaiik, whose works were acquired by the V&A at last year’s Collect.


Choi Hyesook (glass) | Chung Sukyung (glass) | Kim Kira (glass) | Kim Yongjoo (textile) | Lee Jaiik (metal) | Lee Taehoon (glass) | Park Sunghoon (glass)

Han Collection

Booth: East Wing E10 | Webpage

A large painted ceramic relief of a moon jar
Oh Man-chul: Reflection – Moon Jar, 2023, Porcelain plate, lacquer, 1330°C reduction firing, Photo: Ye Studio, courtesy the gallery and artist

Han Collection was founded in London in 2006 with the aim of bringing exceptional Korean contemporary art and antiques to an international audience. Under the direction and curation of its founder, Jinsoo Park, Han Collection regularly holds exhibitions at its gallery in Bloomsbury, and sources important institutions such as the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

Through its commitment and expertise, it presents exceptional Korean art and antiques that express an authentic vision, superb craftsmanship and an intellectual engagement with its audiences worldwide.


Huh Sang-wook (ceramics) | Kim Hyun-seon (metal) | Kim Syyoung (ceramics) | Oh Man-chul (ceramics) | Park Young-ho (glass) | Shin Sang-ho (ceramics)

Icheon Ceramic by Han Collection

Booth: South Wing S13 | Webpage

A tall, dark, twisted ceramic sculpture
Lee Song-am: Silence I, 2023. Mixed clay, black glaze, oxidation firing at 1250°C, Photo: Ye Studio, courtesy the gallery and artist

Han Collection is proudly partnering with Icheon Ceramic to bring Korean works of art of exceptional quality to the UK. Icheon is a small city to the south-east of Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Since 2010, it has been designated as a UNESCO City for Arts and Folk Art. It is home to over 700 studios where Korean ceramic artists tirelessly pursue beauty through combining ancient techniques and modern sensibilities.


Han Do-hyun (ceramics) | Kim Hyun-jong (ceramics) | Kim Pan-ki (ceramics) | Kim Young-soo (ceramics) | Lee Sang-wook (ceramics) | Lee Song-am (ceramics) | Na Young-hwan (ceramics) | Park Hong-gu (wood) | Park Rae-heon (ceramics) | Park Seon-min (glass) | Shin Chul (ceramics) | Shin Su-yeon (ceramics) | Shin Won-dong (ceramics) | Won Yong-tae (ceramics)

Lloyd Choi Gallery

Booth: East Wing E6 | Webpage

Six wooden vase forms
Mok-Su: Torso, 2023. Hand-sculpted wood, with mixed media, Photo: Kim Ilda, courtesy the gallery and artist

Lloyd Choi Gallery is an international art gallery representing pioneering and established contemporary craft artists alongside exciting young makers who are blurring the lines between art, craft and design in South Korea. For Collect 2024, Lloyd Choi Gallery presents Understatement, a highly curated presentation of works by seven Korean contemporary craft practitioners. Understatement explores a distinctive style in Korean craft and design that was refined during the Joseon dynasty (14th–19th centuries) and how that understated beauty is being reinterpreted today, featuring ceramics, furniture, textiles and woodwork.

New works include textile artist Lee So-ra’s modest yet colourful Ottchil Jogakbo and Mok-su’s new hand-sculpted wooden piece Torso.


Jo Hee-jin (ceramics) | Kim Hyun-Ju (metal) | Lee So-ra (textiles) | Mok-su (wood) | Park Sung-wook (ceramics) | Shin Dong-beom (ceramics) | Yusun Won (ceramics)

Siat Gallery

Booth: West Wing W15 | Webpage

A wavy vase or bowl formed out of leather
Junsu Kim: Flow, 2023. Vegetable tanned leather, Photo: KC Studio, courtesy the gallery and artist

Siat Gallery represents Korean artists and is dedicated to showcasing exceptional crafts, specialising in contemporary art jewellery. The word ‘siat’ is derived from the Korean word ‘seed’, and Siat Gallery believes that every masterpiece begins as a tiny seed of inspiration, ready to grow and bloom into a remarkable work of art. The gallery is a place where the seeds of creativity are sown, nurtured and brought to life.

Founded in 2019 by Jeannie H. Lee, Siat Gallery is currently based in Seoul, South Korea. The gallery curates exhibitions for artists to showcase their unique vision, and is committed to fostering their growth and promoting their creations to a global audience.


Hee Joo Kim (jewellery) | Junsu Kim (leather) | Sooyeon Kim (jewellery, wall work) | Joo Hyung Park (jewellery, wood) | Sungyoul Park (lacquer)

Korean artists in other galleries

Here’s a non-exhaustive list:

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