London Korean Festival + Film Festival 2004

A press release announcing the launch of the 2nd London Korean Festival:

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Monday, 26 April 2004

An opportunity to experience the heart and soul of Korean contemporary culture
* In this press release, all Korean surnames precede first names.

Lee Mi-sook and Bae Yong-joon in Untold Scandal
Lee Mi-sook and Bae Yong-joon in Untold Scandal

The 2nd London Korean Festival hosted by the Korean Anglican Centre (KACC) kicks off with a classical concert on Saturday, 15th May in the Regent Hall, at 7.30 pm. World class Korean tenor PARK In-Soo will appear with six of his best understudies to sing a variety of pieces including opera arias and Korean folk songs known as “Minyo”. On the 17th and 19th of May a Korean film festival will take place at the New Theatre of the London School of Economics (4 – 6pm, 6.30 – 8.30pm). It will feature four of last year’s Korean box office hits, such as ‘Memories of Murder’ by BONG Jun-Ho, ‘Untold Scandal’ by LEE Jae Yong, ‘Baramnan Gajok’ by IM Sang-Soo and ‘Please Teach Me English’ by KIM Sung Su, ‘Old Boy’ by PARK Chan-Wook; all films will be subtitled. On Saturday, 22nd May at 7.30 pm, KACC will present a rock concert by KIM Jong-Seo, one of the most famous rock singers in Korea. He will join forces with “Love and Peace”, another popular Korean rock band, for a special London performance. As contemporary Korean art is rarely on view in the UK, the 3rd London Korean Festival offers a unique opportunity to see an exhibition of Korean culture and its vibrant creative spirit.

Classical Concert
Since graduating from the Julliard School of Music in New York as a prestigious Maria Callas Scholarship student, PARK In-Soo has received worldwide recognition. Respected American music critic Peter Block has praised him as ‘the world’s greatest tenor of our time’. After returning to Korea as a successful opera singer, he started to teach at the Seoul National University. He has instructed a large number of great vocalists, and many of them have already distinguished themselves on the world stage.

Korean Film Festival
The Korean film industry has emerged as a leading influence in Asian film, attracting more international interest than ever before. Korean films have captivated their audiences with a high level of individuality and creativity, winning over fans of Hollywood films. International reviewers have also focused much attention on several celebrated titles. While BONG Joon-ho’s groundbreaking film Memories of Murder grossed $26 million with five million admissions, IM Sang-soo’s A Good Lawyer’s Wife (Baramnan Gajok) also enjoyed success at the box office in 2003. PARK Chan-Wook’s Oldboy shows a troubled man seeking for the reason of his imprisonment that has kept him in the private prison for 15 years. These films have attracted mature Korean audiences by raising a series of questions on contemporary Korean values. KIM Sung Su’s acclaimed comedy Please Teach me English targets a younger generation, empathising with the trials and tribulations of Korean students learning English.

Rock Concert
Since he burst onto the stage in the 1980s, KIM Jong-Seo has been proclaimed as the King of Korean rock music. His style ranges from rock ballad to punk rock, and he has overwhelmed his audiences with his awesome stage presence, powerful voice and evocative lyrics. As a fan of British rock groups such as Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and Queen, he has said that their music has inspired him throughout his career. As such, we expect KIM Jong-Seo’s performance in the UK to be electrifying, and we are looking forward to this event. If KIM has popularised and pushed back the boundaries of Korean rock music, ‘Love and Peace’ has its roots at the foundation of Korean rock history, with a successful career spanning back to 1976. As one of the senior members of the Korean rock community, ‘Love and Peace’ provide backing for KIM Jong-Seo’s performance.

About the Korean Anglican Community Centre (KACC)
The Korean Anglican Community Centre (KACC) is a non-profit and non-political organisation (Registered Charity No. 1096690). It was founded in 2000 through an agreement between the Church of England and the Anglican Church of Korea for the Korean Community in London. The KACC has been offering programmes, projects and services with the aim of enhancing and deepening the understanding of cultures, societies and educational relations between Britain and Korea. The KACC has been expanding its capacity to provide various services to the Korean community as well as British people who are seeking to gain insight into Korean culture.

Ticket Information
Tickets for all events are free, however spaces are limited and tickets will be distributed on a first come first served basis. For booking and further information please contact KACC.
In Jeong Kang 0870 350 1472,
The Crypt Centre, Munster Sq, London, NW1 3PL
Tel 0870 350 1472 /Fax: 0870 350 1473, Website:

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