Think Korea: Korean Song and Dance, at the Malden Centre

The third performance of this year’s official Think Korea 2006 programme:

Korean Song and Dance

Date: 7 pm, 29 April 2006
Venue: The Malden Centre | Blagdon Road | New Malden | Surrey KT3 4TA

Korean song + dance


PIANO: PARK Young Ah, Kang Hyo Jin

CHANG Ilnam comA Tree-tombstoneHWANG Seung Kyung
Kim DongJinWish to goCHONG Hak Su
LEE SuInRiver in my MindKIM Min Suk
CHO DuNamBird SongKIM Hye Sun
Korean Traditional SongGeomoon Island BarcaroleKIM Jin Soo
LEE Heung RyulInside Flower CloudsLEE Jung Sin
KIM Dong JinMy HeartCHONG Hak Su
IM Keung SuAs Spring Comes over a riverKIM Min Suk
KIM Yeon JunI will live in green mountainsKIM Hye Sun
CHOI Young SeopDear keumkang mountainKIM Jin Soo
CHANG IlnamAwaiting HeartHWANG Seung Kyung
HYUN JaeMyungLove Song (from Opera “Chunhyang-ga”)LEE Jung Sin, CHONG Hak Su


승전무 (Seung Jun Moo)

Seung Jun Moo (Tong Young drum dance, sword dance) Tong Young drum dance started from a drum dance in King Chung Ryul’s time and was continued on until the end of Chosun Dynasty as a Royal drum dance. This dance was used as a Royal drum dance to cheer up and comfort the soldiers in warships or quarters in the War in Yim Jin year. After the Yim Jin War was won, it was used in celebrating the victory, in holding the congratulatory ceremony and in contributing dance to Chungmu Gong shrine. In 1966, it was designated as the Important intangible cultural asset number 21 and is still performed in Tong Young area. The drum dance is composed of graceful and loyal dancing actions and a graceful melody. The word ‘Ji Hwa Ja’ is spoken by the dancers in the waltz. Together with the differentiated dancing moves or value, the Seung Jun Moo provies a very different kind of pleasure in appreciating dancing art.

통영검무 (Tong Young Sword Dance)

Tong Young Sword Dance is a dance that has been performed since Silla period by the civility. It was performed by little boys wearing masks and holding swords in both hands. In Korea era, the dance was subject to the Kyo Bang Chung and was changed to a women performance. It was continuously performed until the end of Chosun Dynasty when the Kyo Bang system was abolished. Together with the drum dance, this dance was mainly performed in a limited space, and consequently the arm pit length was well developed and developed to a introverted and delicate dance moves. Such characters of Tong Young Sword dance has provided both the beauty of form and internal attractiveness of Korean dance art, enhancing the level of artistic value in it.

Theme: 영웅 The Hero

Performance 1- Seung Jun Moo (Tong Young drum dance, sword dance)

It is composed of a elegant and simple dancing moves and graceful melodies. Also it is well composed in a well arranged way. The costumes and weapons are similar to the Royal Court dance and is interpreted as a artistic piece with sufficient traditional value.

(Starring: Kong Min Sun, Doe Ji Hye, Son Su Kyung, Oh Hyun Sung)

Performance 2- The Sky

After many years in history, the sky has always remained in the same place and is still unbelievably blue and beatiful.

We have expressed the heart of motherhood with dance performance under the sky.

(Starring: Park Sun Ja)

Performance 3- The Moonlight of the Hero

Chungmugong Lee Sun-shin maintained his rational sense of judgement in his own literary work expressing his artistic sensitivity and the sense of horror in the war scene as a General in charge.

(Starring: Hong Kyung Hee, Sohn Soo Kyung)

Performance 4- 낙지자(樂之者) 오날이야 (Nak Ji Ja Oh Nalyiya)

In the sentiments of most people, the spirit of hero, and the loneliness and universality are always being missed and mourned. With such sentiments inside our heart, we would like to live on the new life and culture of today for a better creation.

(Starring: Kong Min Sun, Doe Ji Hye, Son Su Kyung, Oh Hyun Sung)

“Dancing has been my neverending friend and has become the lifelong story with the yearning for the past.”

“The dances that have been together in my life has purified me and now are standing together with me as an honest friend.”

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