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May events 2006

We’re just about to get into May, and there’s lots going on in London. Keep an eye on my What’s On page. There’s something to suit all tastes. Probably the most unusual thing to be happening is the Contemporary Korean Ceramics exhibition as part of the Korean festival. Do please support that event.

LKL's event calendar for May 2006

Wherever possible I’ll report on the events, but I’m not going to be able to get to all of them – for example, I’m not able to go to the three lectures happening in the first week of May. So if any of you feel like volunteering to write a report, do please let me know.

One thing I’m thinking of, in relation to the film festival in May, is to set up a discussion for each of the films. There’s going to be hundreds of people going to the festival, and maybe it would be good to have somewhere online to chat about the films. The thing is, I don’t want to trample on the e-space occupied by other sites – especially Darcy’s. All I could do on my own site is to set up a blog posting for each of the films and enable comments underneath. Upside for me is that I increase my readership; downside is that also increases my workload (this is very part-time). Alternatively, I could set up a separate web forum (that would have to be on another site such as But that forum would probably die soon after the festival because there will be nothing new to talk about. Third option is to set up postings for each of the films on Darcy’s excellent web forum. I’m hoping he wouldn’t mind that – and he would get an increase in membership. Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions or thoughts, do let me know.

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