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Kim Ki-duk’s apology

Kim Ki-dukThe Chosun Ilbo has a good item on Kim’s apology to Korean cinema-goers. Visit the Chosun for the background and related links.

The story is picked up in the forum, and a lively thread is ensuing. The consensus seems to be that if Kim wants Koreans to go to his movies, he should make movies that Koreans can connect with, and not rely on the marketing ploy “well, foreigners like my films, therefore Koreans should”.

I wish I had access to the primary material, and understood Korean. But here’s some interesting extracts from some of Kim’s recent statements (courtesy of Sangman at

“모두 감추고 싶어 하는 치부를 과장해 드러내는 저 자신의 영화가 너무 한심하고 사람들에게 불안한 미래와 사회에 불신을 조장한 것이 너무도 죄스럽고 맛있게 먹은 음식이지만 똥이 되어 나올 때 그 똥을 피하려는 사람들의 마음을 미처 이해해지 못하고 영화를 만들어 온 지난 시간이 너무 부끄럽고 후회스럽습니다.” (My movies are lamentable for uncovering the genitals that everyone wants to hide; I am guilty for contributing only incredulity to an unstable future and society; and I’m embarassed and regretful for having wasted time making movies without understanding the feelings of those who wish to avoid excrement though they have eaten well.)

“저야말로 한국사회에서 기형적으로 돌출해 열등감을 먹고 자란 괴물임을 알았읍니다” (I’ve realized that I myself am a monster in Korean society, grown by feeding on an inferiority complex.)

“늦었지만 이제라도 한국 관객의 진심을 깨닫고 조용히 한국 영화계에서 물러날 수 있다는 것이 다행이라 생각합니다” (Though late, I think it’s fortunate that I’ve come to understand the intents of the Korean public and can withdraw from the Korean movie industry.)

But without the whole article, it’s difficult to put the above in context.

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