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Daniel Gordon’s latest, and other NY Times DPRK coverage

Crossing the Line

The coverage at the NY Times in the past few days has been something else.

  1. A piece on Daniel Gordon’s third film on the DPRK, Crossing the Line (Image above, from VeryMuchSo Productions), which premiered at PIFF recently. I hope it comes to the UK soon. I’ve just emailed Nick Bonner to find out.
  2. Some good maps showing the DPRK / China border, and where any refugees cross.
  3. An article on how to buy your way across the Tumen River
  4. Hardly a surprise, a piece on the lack of internet access in the DPRK
  5. A Nicholas Kristof Op-ed arguing as follows:

While North Korea can survive punitive sanctions, I don’t think the regime can survive the shock of having 700,000 of its citizens working for South Korean capitalists [at Kaesong] – and realizing that the southerners are so rich and spoiled that they refuse to eat rice with gravel in it.

The biggest threat to North Korea’s regime isn’t from American warships, but from the sight of other Koreans dieting, or listening on iPods to love songs, or watching decadent television comedies.

So let’s stop helping the Dear Leader isolate his own people.

… and probably much more coverage besides. Thanks as ever to Tom Coyner for the links.

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