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Think Korea: the Finale

Details of the closing events of Think Korea 2006

Korean Traditional Performance

11 December 2006 7:30pm Manchester, Bruntwood Theatre, Royal Northern College of Music
13 December 20067:30pm Croydon, The Fairfield Hall



The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts is an organization which began more than 1400 years ago. Its forerunners can be traced back to the institute called Eumseongseo during the reign of Queen Jindeok of the kingdom of Silla. The succeeding kingdom of Goryeo had two national music institutes which were combined in the early part of the Joseon Dynasty into Jangagwon or “Music Affairs Institute”, which continued to be responsible for all music, song, and dance performed at major national celebrations, and for the training of musicians and the composition of new music. This institute managed to survive the order of the Japanese occupation. During the Korean War, on April 10,1951 ,the present center was opened in Busan. Now,the National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts works toward preserving,researching,and transmitting traditional music and dance.


Court Music – Boheoja
Court Dance – Pogurak
Folk Music – Kayagum Sanjo
Folk Dance – Ganggangsuwolae
Music – Sanyeongsan, Cheongseonggok
Folk Dance – Salpuri
Folk Dance – Yeongsanjae
Folk Music – Pungmullori

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