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May events 2007

Roe Kyung-jo: From Canvas to Ceramic
Roe Kyung-jo: From Canvas to Ceramic

May is a quiet month for Korean events, so far as I am aware.

The London Korean Film Festival 2007 and associated cultural events, which following the precedent of previous years would be towards the end of May, will actually be happening in June this year according to my latest intelligence. The provisional date is 22 June for about a week. No more details available at the moment. Update, 30 May 2007: the film festival will not be taking place this year. However, I hear that as last year there will be a festival in the Autumn organised by the Korean Cultural Centre.

May events are as follows:


  • Last chance to see Andreas Gursky’s giant photos of the Arirang Festival. The White Cube show closes 5 May (review here)
  • Roe Kyung-jo’s (노경조) show From Canvas to Ceramic continues at Galerie Besson until 24 May (review here)
  • I hear second-hand rumours of an exhibition involving some Korean artists in the middle of May at Ritter/Zamet gallery near the Globe in London SE1, but at the time of writing I’m still awaiting details from the gallery. Watch this space.

Talks and seminars

  • The Korea Discussion Group at Chatham House on 11 May will be on the subject of forced labour in North Korean prison camps
  • A two day Korean Studies conference will be held at SOAS on 25 & 26 May. Details and programme to be confirmed.

Film & DVD

  • A free screening of Koryo Saram at SOAS on 2 May. I’m not going to be able to go to this, so if anyone wants to volunteer to provide a report of the evening for this site, that would be most appreciated.
  • The Quiet Family, Crying Fist, Ring Virus, Christmas in August, Soul Gardians, Real Fiction, Addicted, Bizarre Love Triangle, Harmonium in my Memory, Humanist, Run 2 U, Guns and Talks, Say Yes, and No Blood No Tears, are all due for May Region 2 DVD release, according to I could have sworn that many of these were already available here.


  • Korean Language meet-up in the West End, 26 May.

Apart from the above, don’t forget some longer-term dates for the diaries:

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