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Ah Q: Korean modern dance, Chinese story, Greenwich theatre

Hong Sungyop’s Dance Theatre ON presents
The Story of Ah Q

Dance Theatre ON’s UK premiere

Date: Tuesday 04 November 2008
Time: 7:30pm (70min without intermission)
Venue: LABAN, Creekside, London SE8 3DZ
Tickets: £15 / £10 (concessions)
Box Office 0208 469 9500 (via Greenwich Theatre)
Book online (follow links to Laban Theatre)

Produced by Dance Theatre ON (co-production with LG Arts Center)
Supported by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism / Korean Cultural Centre UK
Managed by KCPA

Hong Sungyop’s Dance Theatre ON, the world-class dance company known for its artistic performances, presents Ah Q, the choreography of poetic language.

If a blossom of passion blooms on my tired back,
Would they say my back is miserable?
Would they say the blossom is ugly?
If the bloom dries out;
And red buds rise on the branch,
Would we remember?
That a scattered breath was hidden under the old branch…

Some reviews:

Uma Shankari, The Business Time, Singapore

Foolishness, ignorance portrayed in dance: South Korea offering Ah Q examines the universal themes through a series of riveting dance sketches

Tara Tan, The Strait Times, Singapore

Ah Q, the arts festival offering from Korea, proved to be an unexpected gem. The work explored the universal themes of foolishness and ignorance with a series of startling — yet aesthetically pleasing — vignettes that looked unflinchingly at the consequences of such folly.

Ah Q

Choreographer HONG Sung-yop’s Ah Q was invited to Singapore Arts Festival in 2008 and received enthusiastic acclaim. Hong’s Ah Q is inspired by the True Story of Ah Q by modern Chinese author Lu Xun. Lu Xun died aged 56, but his strong spirit as author and philosopher shook and moved China and the world. He wrote The True Story of Ah Q to bring attention to the people who were living in a hopeless life in a turbulent period.

Dance Theatre ON

Dance Theatre ON, currently the most widely-recognised modern dance company in Korea, was founded in 1993 by Hong Sungyop, a choreographer who has expertise and experience in classical ballet and modern dance. Since it presented its founding performance at Seoul Arts Center in 1994, it has consistently released new choreographies. With its first international performance in September 2000 (the 9th France Lyon Dance Biennale), it has been globally spot-lighted. It has regularly performed around the world, including Denmark (2003), Finland (2003), Canada (2005), Germany (Frankfurt Book Fair, 2005), Spain (Asian Dance Festival, 2006), USA (New York Association of Performing Arts Presenters, 2007), Japan (Institute Women’s College Performing Arts Festival, 2007), and Singapore (Singapore Arts Festival, 2008).

Choreographer Hong Sungyop

Hong Sungyop, the philosopher of dance and magician of movement, is known for his innovative ideas and modern expression of human introversion. He is also acclaimed to be the genius of unique movements and ensembles or the arbitrator of delicate movements.

His reputation has been proven by the acclaim he won with “Moon-looking Dog” and “Deja Vu” at France Lyon Dance Biennale in 2000 and the award he was bestowed with at the 2nd Korea-France Cultural Awards. His performances were highly praised by the local media and tickets to all of the five shows were completely sold out. With his successful debut in Europe, Hong Sungyop opened a new era in the field of dancing in Korea. Lyon Dance Biennale’s Artistic Director, Guy Darmet likened him to William Forsythe from Asia and asked him to join their production Deja Vu.

Hong Sungyop and Dance Theatre On have been regarded as the most innovative and best Contemporary Choreographer and Dance Company in Korea.

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