Asian Art in London 08: the Korean angle

The beginning of November is always a time for the West End art galleries and Kensington antique dealers to draw our attention to Asian Art. While a lot of the attention is always on the bigger countries, Korea gets a look-in.

The full guidebook for the programme can be downloaded from the Asian Art in London website. Here are some highlights

From the Contemporary Arts side, I-MYU Projects migrates from its Shoreditch home to take up residency Alon Zakaim Fine Art Ltd, 30 Cork Street, London W1S 3NG. Their focus for the fortnight will be on Korean contemporary artists. Ride out the credit crunch: avoid the inflated prices for Chinese art bid up by the uber-rich, and buy some quality Korean works! Artists represented are Kwangyoung Chun, Debbie Han, Dongyoo Kim, Duckyong Kim, Seahyun Lee and Meekyoung Shin.

On 3-5 November, Heather Elgood repeats her crash course in the contemporary Japanese, Korean and Chinese arts scene for the bargain price of £300: Asia Contemporary Part II at SOAS.

Antique dealers who include Korean artworks in their scope include

Asian Art in London runs at various venues from 30 October to 12 November.


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