February is classic film month at the KCC

Hyperbola of YouthPetty Middle ManagerIodoLast Witness

The Korean Cultural Centre has now been screening Korean films on a bi-weekly basis for a year now since the centre has opened. And to celebrate their year anniversary, they are delighted to present to you the Korean classic film series, which begins on Thursday 5 February with the screening of Han Myeong-mo’s classic Hyperbola of Youth (1956), and runs every Thursday to the 26 February, which concludes with the screening of Lee Du-yong’s accomplished The Last Witness (1980).

In order for you to get as much from these films as possible, Dr Daniel Martin from Queen’s University Belfast will give an overview of classic Korean cinema on 5th February, 7pm.

Film Schedule:
Date & Time Title Director

Thursday 5 February, 7:30pm Hyperbolae of Youth (1956) Han Myeong-mo
Thursday 12 February, 7pm Petty Middle Manager (1961) Lee Bong-rae
Thursday 19 February, 7pm Ieoh Island (1977) Kim Ki-young
Thursday 26 February, 7pm The Last Witness (1980) Lee Du-yong

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