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E-Government in Korea – The Spirit of Sillok Lives On!

The forthcoming publication ‘Leveraging e-government at a time of financial and economic crisis’ from the United Nations reveals the Republic of Korea to be at the top of both E-Government Development and E-Participation Indices.

The website where the new report is introduced remarks:

While technology is no substitute for good policy, it may give citizens the power to question the actions of regulators and bring systemic issues to the fore.

The high ranking of Korea on these two indices is interesting, considering that it is a country which for the majority of the last thousand years placed a high premium on government  transparency through the compilation of the impartial Sillok records. People like to say that Koreans have a talent for combining the old with the new, rather than abandoning the past altogether, and this would appear to be a hopeful example.

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