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Kingston Korean Festival 2010

The annual Korean Festival at the Fairfield Recreation Ground, Kingston, is upon us: 14 August. [Map] The event usually kicks off with a parade of British Veterans from the Korean War at 11am. Lots of food stalls, bouncy castles for the kiddies, traditional performances, taekwondo demonstrations and more.

Here’s the details, in Korean, from the Korean Residents Society who organise it:

한인축제에 여러분 모두를 초청합니다.
유럽내 한인 최대 축제인 한인축제가 영국 내 뉴몰든 한인타운 Fairfield Recreation Grounds에서 성대하게 개최 됩니다. 우리민족의 우수한 문화를 현지인에게 소개하고 친구 및 이웃들과 함께 신나고 즐거운 하루를 한인축제와 함께 만끽 하시길 바랍니다.

Everyone is Welcome, Admission is Free
Experience the Korean Culture, Korean Foods and Enjoy the day with friends and families

A. When : 14th August 2010, Saturday
B. Where: Fairfield Recreation Grounds, Fairfield Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2PY

A. 다수의 한인음식점들이 참여해 저렴하고 푸짐한 한국 음식 소개
B. 다수의 한인업체 참여하여 상품소개
C. 전통음악 및 무용등 다채로운 한국 문화 시범 공연
D. 남녀노소 누구나 즐길수 있는 여러가지의 노래, 춤, 연주등 각종 문화 공연
E. 한국의 국기 태권도 시범
F. 경품으로 가득찬 복권뽑기
G. 6.25 참전용사의 멋진 퍼레이드
H. 누구든 자신이나 집에서 사용하지않는 물건을 판매하는 장터
i. 참가비 무료 장터, 잡동사니등 모두 판매

한인현지 업체들의 Booth 신청을 받습니다.
A. 한인은 물론 현지인 업체 및 상품 소개/홍보를 위한 Business Corner에 참가를 원하시는 업체의 신청을 받습니다.
B. 연락처 : 재영한인회 사무처 (0208 947 8194, [email protected])

한인축제를 도와주실 자원봉사자들을 찾습니다.
A. 행사의 꽃인 행사 도우미 및 자원봉사자들을 찾습니다.이번 행사의 성공여부는 자원봉사자들에게 달려있습니다.
B. 참석하신 봉사자들에게 식사 제공 및 행운권 5매 지급
C. 연락처 : 재영한인회 사무처 (0208 947 8194, [email protected])

재영 한인사회의 경품 지원 및 협찬을 받습니다.
A. 유럽 최대의 한인 잔치이자 영국 한인사회와 Kingston 시의 가장 큰 행사인 한인축제에 한인 여러분의 경품 지원 및 협찬을 기다립니다.
B. 재영한인회 사무처 (0208 947 8194, [email protected])

Run through the Google translator, it comes out like this:

Korean festival to invite all of you.
Korean Korean festival in Europe is the UK’s largest festival, Koreatown nyumoldeun grand will be held at Fairfield Recreation Grounds. Our nation’s excellent introduction to local culture and exciting and enjoyable day with friends and neighbors and with the Korean Festival and hope you enjoy.

Everyone is Welcome, Admission is Free
Experience the Korean Culture, Korean Foods and Enjoy the day with friends and families

Events Calendar
A. When: 14th August 2010, Saturday
B. Where: Fairfield Recreation Grounds, Fairfield Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2PY

Event details
A. Korean restaurants are participating in a number of inexpensive foods rich About Korea
B. Many Korean companies to participate Products
C. Muyongdeung colorful traditional music and cultural demonstration Korea
D. Everyone can enjoy many of the songs, dance and various cultural performances yeonjudeung
E. Flag of Korea Taekwondo Demonstration
F. Lottery prize draw full
G. 6.25 a wonderful parade of veterans [That’s June 25th, the day the Korean War started, not 6:25pm – Ed]
H. Whoever does not own or use at home to sell goods market
i. Fee free market, both sales japdongsanideung

Koreans are a local company to apply for the Booth.
A. Korean companies and products as well as the bed of contact for public relations companies wish to participate in the Business Corner is subject to the application.
B. Contact: Office of Jaeyoung Korean society (0208 947 8194, [email protected])

Korean festival to find volunteers to help me.
A. Event Planner of the event and volunteers to find the flower. The success of this event will depend on volunteers.
B. Volunteers provided food and lucky to have attended five of each payment
C. Contact: Office of Jaeyoung Korean society (0208 947 8194, [email protected])

Jaeyoung Korean community support and sponsorship of the prize receives.
A. Europe’s largest celebration of the Korean city of Kingston and the UK’s largest event for the Korean and Korean to the Korean Festival and sponsor support, you wait for the prizes.
B. Korean Society of Jaeyoung Office (0208 947 8194, [email protected])

(automatically generated) Read LKL’s review of this event here.

4 thoughts on “Kingston Korean Festival 2010

  1. Thanks for the info. It always surprises me, and somewhat disappoints me, that there is very little publicity about the festival in English. It seems to me to be a great opportunity for the local Korean community to publicise so many good things about Korean culture and food and to advertise the many local Korean businesses and restaurants to the non-Korean community.

    It does seem that it is aimed primarily at the Korean community, which is fine in a way, but just seems like a missed opportunity for the whole of the community to find out about what a fascinating and culturally rich country Korea is (and what fun can be had at the festival!) and how much of this can be found right on their doorstep in New Malden and surrounding areas. I know from attending in previous years that it is not just Koreans who attend (in fact they are well outnumbered), but this seems in spite of the publicity rather than because of it.

    That said, I am grateful to the organisers for their hard work in putting the festival on, and am looking forward to it – here’s hoping the rain stays away!

  2. Might struggle to make this one, as I am returning to London from the East on Saturday. Is the festival in New Malden going to be on this year?

  3. We are looking forward to our revisit to your great festival on Saturday 14 th August , with some of our Southend on sea BKVA Branch members, I will bring our standard on parade .

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