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The Korean Film Blogathon, 7-13 March

What’s a blogathon? It’s an event when bloggers across the globe converge (if they so wish) on a single subject. A couple of years ago there was the Hong Sang-soo Oh Soojung! blogathon, when anyone who had anything to say about A Virgin Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors said it, either on his/her blog, or on any blog (s)he could find to print his/her views. So, coming up in March is a much broader event: the Korean Film Blogathon – 7-13 March. If you have your own blog to publish your views, publish away – but making sure you link to the site below to ensure your views get the audience they deserve. If you don’t have a blog of your own, please feel to get in touch with LKL, either by leaving a comment below or via my contact form, and I’d be happy to provide a platform for your contribution.

Inspired by the Japanese Blogathon run by the WildGrounds website for the last two years (see here:, New Korean Cinema and cineAWESOME! have been inspired by the idea and are joining forces to create our own Korean Blogathon in the hope that we can encourage you – yes, you! – to share and discover opinions and ideas about Korean cinema. It’s open to anyone – wherever you are around the world and whichever language you speak.

We’re hoping that for one week – 7th to the 13th March – we can encourage as many people as possible to get involved writing about Korean cinema. Hopefully over the week this will kick up some really interesting posts – and most importantly that people will discover films and ideas that they’ve never come across before, maybe learn a little about Korean film history, or maybe even discover websites and blogs they were previously unaware of.

Ideas for blog posts might include reviews, top tens, opinions on favourite directors / actors / genres, whatever you want – it just needs to be related to Korean cinema in some way.

All you need to do is to write a post – or as many posts as you want over the seven days – on your blog or website and then send an e-mail with your link to [email protected] and we’ll post a link to you from the site. You can also post your own links on our Facebook page (which is here: or we will do it for you, and we’ll Tweet links to your posts throughout the week: Twitter tag for the week will be #koreablog. If you want to use one of our ‘Korean Blogathon 2011’ banner they can be downloaded from here:

So don’t forget: 7th to the 13th March is the Korean Blogathon. Get involved!


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