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The Royal Wedding – the Tweets

Royal Wedding - from the British Monarchy Flickr page

  • Ambassador Martin Uden blogs about the view of the Royal Wedding from South Korea via @AddThis #
  • North Korean Ambassador Ja Song-nam has been invited to the Royal Wedding #
  • ROK Ambassador Choo Kyu-ho will also be at the wedding. At least the Royal protocol people got that bit right. #
  • Nice to hear some Gerald Finzi being played at the Royal Wedding while the punters wait for the royal couple #
  • Rutter’s new piece was very Rutter, very pretty. But Mealor’s Ubi Caritas is much more distinctive and original #
  • How can a congregation look so miserable when singing Jerusalem? It takes some doing. #
  • Parry does pomp so well. Good to hear the rarely-performed Blest Pair of Sirens. #
  • I wonder what Ambassador Ja is making of it all… #
  • RT @nanoomi: The rest of the world is deep into Will&Kate but in Korea it’s all about Tae-ji & Ji-ah:

One thought on “The Royal Wedding – the Tweets

    • Keith Williams: “Rutter’s new piece was very Rutter, very pretty.” Not sure I agree. I think John has learned a new chord. Nicked it from Howells though.
    • Philip Gowman: Yes, in hindsight, there was one moment where Louise and I didn’t predict what was going to happen next.

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