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Daily screenings associated with the Jeonju film fest

After last month’s daily screenings of films associated with Jeju-do, this month’s daytime screenings downstairs at the KCC are all associated with the Jeonju International Film Festival. The films include Bong Joon-ho’s debut feature, Barking Dogs Never Bite.

Korean Films at the KCCUK
Celebrating the JEONJU Int’l Film Festival

Through the rest of May the KCC are celebrating one of the most important Asian film festivals, the JEONJU International Film Festival. The Festival, which just wrapped up it’s eleven year, began in 2000 and looks to champion ‘independent films from all over the world by presenting various and meaningful contemporary cinematic world.’

To celebrate this great and important festival, the KCCUK will be screening five of the best films that have contributed to the festival over the last eleven years and have helped launch these filmmakers onto the world stage. The films shown over the next two weeks begin at 12.00 and 15.00 each day (Mon-Fri) in our library. The screenings are free and there are plenty of sofas for you and your friends. You don’t have to book your place. Just pop in and watch great films!

The following films will be screened:

Screening at 12 noon Screening at 3pm
Monday Antarctic Journal Five is Too Many
Tuesday Barking Dogs Never Bite If You Were Me 2
Wednesday If You Were Me 2 Waikiki Brothers
Thursday Antarctic Journal Barking Dogs Never Bite
Friday Five is Too Many Waikiki Brothers


Film details as follows.

Waikiki BrothersWaikiki Brothers
(Jeonju Opening Film 2001)

Director: Yim Soon-rye
Cast: Park Won-sang, Lee Oel, Hwang Jung-min
Genre: Drama
Production Year: 2001
Certificate: 12 (South Korea)
Running Time: 105 mins

Synopsis: Waikiki Brothers is a nightclub band dying a slow death, facing night after night of depressing gigs. They decide to go to their hometown, a place that used to be a popular resort but is now a tad rundown. The band set up shop in the only spot in town, the Waikiki Hotel and have to deal with the childhood life that they left behind.

Five is too manyFive is too Many
(Jeonju Special Mention 2005)

Director: Ahn Seul-gi
Cast: Ong Kang-ho, Yoo Ji-tae
Genre: Drama
Production Year: 2005
Certificate: 12 (South Korea)
Running Time: 80 mins

Synopsis: Runaway child Dong-kyu wishes to make money by reporting on companies that use illegal disposable goods. One day Dong-kyu takes a picture of a takeout counter where Si-nae works. As he runs away, Si-nae throws a stone at him, knocking him to the ground. When Dong-kyu regains consciousness, he claims he can’t remember anything, and immediately takes shelter at Si-nae’s place. A witty film that handles the serious subject of domestic tensions with a disarming sense of humour and humanity. (KMDB)

If You Were Me 2If You Were Me 2
(Jeonju 2005)

Director: Various
Cast: Various
Genre: Short Film Omnibus
Production Year: 2005
Certificate: 12 (South Korea)
Running Time: 112 mins

Synopsis: An omnibus film produced by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea with five contributing directors with each film centred around different human rights issues. Films included are; Informal Workers & Seaside Flower (Dir. PARK Kyung-hee), Hey Man (Dir. RYOO Seung-hee>, A Boy with a Knapsack (Dir. Jung Ji-woo), Someone Grateful (Dir. JANG Jin) and Jongno Winter (Dir. Kim Dong-won).

Antarctic JournalAntarctic Journal
(Jeonju Closing Film 2005)

Director: Yim Pil-sung
Cast: Song Kang-ho, Yoo Ji-tae, Park Sun-zoo
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Production Year: 2005
Certificate: 15 (South Korea)
Running Time: 114mins

Synopsis: A six-men expedition team tries to reach the “point of inaccessability” in the Antarctic. Marching through the endless snow, they come across an “Antarctic Journal“, written by a British explorer 80 years previous. From the moment they find the journal, strange things happen. Their equipment malfunctions and they loses two members. But, due to the leader’s obsession with conquering the unreachable, the expedition continues.

Barking dogs never biteBarking Dogs Never Bite
(Jeonju 2000/Tenth Anniversary 2009)

Director: Bong Joon-ho
Cast: Lee Sung-jae, Doona Bae
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Production Year: 2000
Certificate: 12 (South Korea)
Running Time: 106 mins

Synopsis: In a peaceful middle-class apartment, part-time lecturer Yoon-ju is hyper-sensitive to a dog’s barking somewhere in the building. In attempts to find the source, he puts his ear to the floor or listens carefully to the sounds from the ceiling. Then one day he discovers a puppy standing in front of his neighbor’s door. Convinced it’s the culprit bothering him, he dognaps the puppy and imprisons it in the basement. Meanwhile, the apartment custodian Hyun-nam searches for the puppy with its young owner. Satisfied of being rid of the dog, Yoon-ju returns to his apartment only to hear barking again. He rushes to the basement, but the puppy is nowhere to be found.

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