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A better than average trip to the DPRK

I’m always doubtful about going on a trip to the DPRK. Yes, I’d love to see the Mass Games and maybe some other tourist attractions such as Mount Baekdu. But I always think these trips are very expensive and I never know how much of the cash ends up subsidising Kim Jong-il’s collection of expensive brandies. Plus, I’m always suspicious that I might be traipsed in front of a statue of Kim Il-sung and expected to bow. I don’t want to be put in that position.

But here’s a very different tour, led by Jim Hoare, who needs no introduction.

Inside the DPRK
An unprecedented tour of North Korea led James Hoare, and with briefings by other leading international experts.
October 15-25 2011

Photo © Eric Lafforgue. Source:
Photo © Eric Lafforgue. Source:

Political Tours has combined with DPRK specialists Koryo Tours to provide unprecedented access to one of the world’s most isolated regions. Over ten days we aim to provide both the latest analysis on the region with pre-tour briefings from leading experts on the region in Beijing, and an inside view of life in the country with visits to areas rarely seen by foreigners.

The visit is led by Jim Hoare and starts in Beijing with briefings on diplomatic relations between the Democratic People’s Republic and the main negotiators in the six-party talks, as well as recent incidents that have affected North-South relations. Experts give us up-to-date briefings on the region’s economy and outline possible scenarios for its future.

Our itinerary in the DPRK itself encompasses areas that few foreigners have seen.

Highlights include:

  • Briefings by Chinese analysts, correspondents and a leading author on the DPRK
  • Analysis of the DPRK’s current political changes, its economy, the Kim succession, and relations with China.
  • Seven day tour of the North accompanied by one of the world’s leading experts on the region.
  • Visits to Wonsan, an important port on the east coast, and Hamhung, the DPRK’s second largest city which was closed to foreigners until 2010.
  • Opportunities to mix and speak with ordinary Koreans.
  • Rare access to factories, universities, a farm, and several schools.
  • Briefings from official Korean guides on their perspective of recent history, as well as the role of Korea’s Juche
  • philosophy and the continuing importance of the Kim family to North Korea today.

Dates: 15 -25 October, 2011
(2 days and 3 nights in Beijing, 7 nights in DPRK)

Costs: £3,200.00 per person.

BAKS members are entitled to a 10 per cent discount.

Tour includes 3 nights in a 4 star hotel in Beijing, and 7 nights in the DPRK. All meals and local transport are included. Flights from your point of departure to Beijing are not included.

Discounts for group bookings are available.

Please contact Nicholas Wood for further details

[email protected]
Mobile +44 (0)7855 266 151
Office +44 (0) 843 289 2349
Message service: +44 1295 724 527

If I hadn’t already used up my holiday entitlement for this year I could almost persuade myself that I should go on this trip. But if you book via the price quoted is £2,350. Maybe that price excludes the luxury Air Koryo flight from Beijing to Pyongyang.

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