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January is Lee Myung-se month at the KCC

The KCCUK has made some exciting changes to its free film screenings for 2012:

The KCCUK Film night has extended to four screenings per month, with special monthly Q&A screening featuring some of Korea’s leading directors.

Lee Myung-Se
Lee Myung-Se

The KCCUK kick this special year off with a a look at director Lee Myung-se with four screenings of the director’s work culminating with a Q&A with the director himself.Booking is required, please visit the Film Night page of the KCCUK website and click the booking button of the film you wish to RSVP for. Admission is free.

January 5th: Nowhere To Hide

A known drug boss is murdered in broad daylight but there are no witnesses and no leads. Detective Woo from the homicide squad is assigned to the case and along with his men they set about finding the killer. Woo is unrelenting in his quest and eventually discovers that the murderer is the infamous drug lord Chang Sunmin.

January 12th: M

A young writer can’t write a word for his next novel, he also doesn’t feel right with his fiancée; because he falls in love with a woman, but he can’t remember who she is and can’t figure out if she’s real or just a dream.

January 19th: Gagman

A third rate comedian aspires to become a film director and a barber who aspires to become an actor team up to make their first movie.

January 26th: Duelist + Q&A w/ Lee Myung-se

In the late Chosun dynasty, counterfeits were circulating around. Detective Ahn of Left Security Station and a passionate newcomer, Nam-sun try to trace the source of the counterfeiting. They chase the Secretary of National Security and his man ‘Sad Eye’ as suspects. A predestined battle between the best woman detective in Chosun, Nam-sun, and a mysterious assassin ‘Sad Eye’ is unfolded. A magnificent, chivalric film that showcases Lee’s style.

The Director

Lee Myung-se has become one of the most critically and commercial successful filmmakers to come out of Korean with Nowhere to Hide being one of the the first in the new Korean film wave back in 1999. Born in 1957 he graduated from Seoul Institute of the Arts soon releasing his debut film in 1988, Gagman, which brought a fresh breeze to the Korean film industry. LEE Myung-Se is acclaimed as a stylist representative of Korea who has established a unique world of his own. Lee began his career as an assistant producer under Bae Chang-ho for the films Hwang Jin-I (1986), Our Sweet Days of Youth (1988), and Dream (1990). At the 1991 Asia-Pacific Film Festival, he was awarded Best New Director for the film, My Love My Bride, and in 1993 won the Special Jury Award for First Love.

Other film credits include Nowhere to Hide (1999) and Duelist (2005). Many of his films feature a tragically flawed protagonist. Lee also favors slow-motion fighting sequences. The thing he considers most important in making a film is finding “cinematic expression.” To him, ‘cinematic’ means something ‘only of movies’ that cannot be replaced by any other form of media.

Please remember to add us on and tweet us your review of the film to be in with a chance to win a fantastic Korean film DVD. To reserve your place please visit the KCCUK website and click on the film you wish to book. Admission is free.

Please be advised that visitors cannot be admitted after 7.10pm.

For more information please visit:

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