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Penumbra – an 8-day project with 8 Korean artists

This time last year we had an interesting project at the KCC entitled Artists at Work: Process Recorded – a two-week project in which every day a different artist produced a work in the KCC’s multi-purposes space.

There’s a similar event coming up later this month, in a project space in Bermondsey:


An 8-day project with 8 artists ending in a group exhibition
Curated by Hyukgue KWON

Bermondsey Project

End view: Saturday 27 October 2012, 5 – 9 pm
Also open 18 – 25 October 11-6pm when an artist is working in the project space
The Bermondsey Project Space 2, Unit 7, 46 Willow Walk, London SE1 5SF [Google Map]

About the Penumbra Project

Over the project’s 8-day duration 8 artists will produce and present new works in the project space at different times. Each artist will take the project space for one assigned day as a temporary workplace. Unlike the usual group exhibitions the artists are asked to play active decision-making role. They will run the ongoing project themselves engaging both physically and artistically with the works of other artists instead of bringing pre-made and appointed works to hang or place in a gallery space.

The project’s alternative format focuses on the nature of open-ended and performative practices. The artists will present a series of visual statement, communication, annotation and work in progress by dealing with other artists’ works, which are mostly strange to each other. These artistic and critical practices attempt to resist easy fixities and avoid art making of certain thematic and spatial accessibility to the curated group exhibitions. The diverse and accumulated artistic perspectives of the 8 artists will open up some thoughts beyond the exclusive and reductive discourses on contemporary art.

The 8-day project with 8 artists, ending in a group exhibition, will show the possibility of presentation with the penumbra of indeterminacy and open-endedness over the current categorisation. The project ‘Penumbra’ will give the platform for investigating and questioning the ideas around authorship, art making, autonomy, and presentation in the system of contemporary art exhibition.

The whole process of the project will be documented and published after the end view on 27 October.

Participating artists:

Euyoung Hong Thu 18 Oct
Kiwoun Shin Fri 19 Oct
Eun Sook Choi Sat 20 Oct
HaYoung Kim Sun 21 Oct
Bongsu Park Mon 22 Oct
Ruby Kwon Tue 23 Oct
Locco Lee Wed 24 Oct
Jiho Won Thu 25 Oct

Project website:

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