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Exhibition news: Phobia – at Hanmi Gallery

Hanmi Gallery presents its 14th “interim” exhibition. Camden Council are sure taking their time in granting planning permission… Come on guys, what you need in Maple Street is a nice art gallery.


Phobia, at Hanmi Gallery

Artists: Alexis Milne | Erik Bendix | Joey Holder | Ole Hagen | Sangjin Kim | Shauba Chang | Woon Zung

Preview: 23rd November 2012, 6-9pm
*Opening performance by Alexis Milne “Your Eyes are Dead (Part two)” at 8pm

Date: 24th November – 5th December 2012, 12-6pm
Venue: Hanmi Gallery, 30 Maple Street, London, W1T 6HA

HANMI GALLERY is pleased to announce its 14th interim exhibition PHOBIA by six international artists working in different media. This exhibition is curated by Seihee Shon and Yovi Jisun Song, two London based independent curators, in collaboration with Alpha Art Association.

The exhibition brings together practices that explore the concepts of unease and disquietude. These include personal feelings of aversion, collective anxieties in contemporary society and artistic actions as healing rituals. The exhibition investigates various aspects of fear and anxiety, for example, from a subjective experience to collective memory of fear.

Phobia is an irrational dread often caused by traumatic memories which can control our mind and body, limiting our space of action. Referring to Jean-Paul Sartre’s words “An emotion totally changes the world”, philosopher Lars Svendsen’s description of how a feeling can make one’s world different is useful: “The secure person lives in a reliable world … while the insecure person lives in a world that at any time can turn against him, where the basis of existence at any time can be pulled out from under his feet.”


Erik Bendix works with cartoon-based imagery, with its ubiquitous presence within popular culture, and his painterly translations of these into something idiosyncratic and significantly less defined. He completed his BA in philosophy, University of Southern Denmark in Odense. He finished his MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in 2010 and was awarded the ‘Jealous Print Prize’ (London) in 2010. Recently, he exhibited his paintings at the Creative London (Space K) in Seoul.

Shauba Chang is the founder and chief editor of ‘Waterfall Magazine’. Waterfall Magazine is an independent art and photography magazine, which makes connections between art, daily life, and common experiences. The magazine has been included in art/photo book fairs internationally, including Magazine Library (Tokyo 2010), Off Print (Paris, 2010) and London Art Book Fair (London, 2011). Shauba graduated with an MFA in fine art media from the Slade School of Fine Art in London.

Ole Hagen works with video, sculpture and large scale drawings. Combining found locations with constructed stage sets, masks and sculpted figures with living bodies, the artist produces moving images of interior spaces populated by mute characters. He teaches fine art at Birmingham City University. Ole Hagen studied at the National Academy of Fine Art in Oslo, did an MA at Chelsea College of Art and Design and PhD at Goldsmiths College. In 2010, he presented the solo show Holography for Beginners at the Horse Hospital.

Joey Holder received her BA in painting from Kingston University and graduated with an MFA from Goldsmiths in 2010. She has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. Recent shows this year include Westworld at xero, kline and coma, Diagrammatic Form at Banner Repeater, BYOB at The Barge house and The Supra-Sensorial Bin at VSR. In 2009 her work was featured in Impossible Exchange for Frieze Projects (at Frieze Art Fair) and she was shortlisted for the ‘Red Mansion Art Prize’. Upcoming shows this year include Hashfail at Grand Union, and Xanadu at LIMAZULU. Joey is part of the art group ‘psychoanalYSL’.

Sangjin Kim examines how human beings’ way of recognition which analyses and reassembles the elements of things. His research based installations are often connected with the context of a specific space. Recent shows include Situated Senses 02 : 30cm of Obscurity at the Old Police Station. He completed his BFA at the Fine Art Department of Seoul National University and continues to study at Goldsmiths College. He exhibited his solo show Ingredients at Gallery Min in 2011.

Alexis Milne’s work traverses video and interventionist performance, utilizing alter egos, the grotesque and cartoonist parody as tools to comment on the erosion of the authentic and in particular riot as spectacle. He has exhibited and performed widely in the UK, Germany, Italy, and the Czech. He awarded as a 2011winner of the ‘European Academies Startpoint ‘prize. He obtained his BA in North American socio-political studies at Manchester University and graduated with an MFA in fine art from Goldsmiths College in 2010.

Woon Zung works across photography, video, site-specific work and sculpture. Her practice is closely related to her interest in architectural forms and urban structures. She obtained her BS architectural engineering at Yonsei University in Seoul and finished her MFA in fine art (sculpture) at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. She was awarded the Boise Travel Scholarship, Hong Kong in 2011 and exhibited at Artist at Work; Process Recorded at the KCC (Korean Cultural Centre) in London.

Hanmi Gallery | 30 Maple Street | London | W1T 6HA | | [email protected] | 07862 283 414

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