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PSY vs the generic K-pop girls

PSY vs the K-pop girls

PSY has thrashed the lot of them when it comes to YouTube views. And now he’s up against KARA, SiSTAR and 4Minute in the Soju Wars.

According to Koreabang, Jinro’s Chamiseul outsells Lotte’s Cheoeum Cheoreom by almost 3 to 1. PSY has now signed up to promote Jinro, while Hara, Hyolyn and HyunA have just signed to Lotte, replacing Hyori.

Personally I can’t see how the “sex appeal, style and cuteness” of the identikit K-pop girls can replace the distinctive class of Cheoeum Cheoreom’s veteran spokesmodel Hyori, let alone go up against PSY, so I see Chamiseul’s lead being maintained.

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