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Screening: One Fine Day | 화창한 날 – a short film on the life of a Korean artist living in London

One Fine Day

This looks like a really interesting project. One of the organisers of this screening, Daeun Dani Kim of Alpha Art Association, describes it as “A short film on the life of a Korean artist living in London. Unpretentious and surprisingly humourous!” But watching the trailer below is really disorienting. You’re used to seeing films about Koreans, shot in Korea. Speaking Korean, with subtitles for the Western viewer, with street scenes of Seoul in the background. Maybe when they gather together they’ll be drinking soju, and empty green bottles will be gathering on the table.

Here, they’re speaking Korean, with subtitles for the Western viewer, with street scenes of London. They’re talking (in Korean) about going to Brighton. When they drink, the green empty bottles on the table are white wine and beer, not soju. It shouldn’t feel weird, but it does. Very. As an added bonus, you get to meet a couple of artists whose work has been shown at various group exhibitions across London over the past couple of years, so there’s a chance you’ll have seen their work.

The screening of this short film is followed by Q&A with its maker, Ingeun Kim, Make sure you RSVP.

All in all, this is a must-see. Full details follow:

One Fine Day (2012) by Ingeun KIM

Film Screening organised by Alpha Art Association
Date: Dec 8th 2012 Sat. 3pm
Venue: The Forge, 3-7 Delancey Street, London NW1 7NL
RSVP: [email protected]

One Fine Day (Short Film), 2012
Produced by Red Carpet Spirit
Written & Directed by Ingeun Kim
Director of Photography: Changwoo Ryu
Audio & Boom operator: Vinci An
Art Director: Ilsun Maeng
Starring: Ilsu Hwang, Gemini Kim, Jieun Kwon, Jieun Kim, Adam Cooper, Songhae Lee, Sejung Lee
with: Bongsu Park, David O’Neill, Daniele Jaglenka Terrazzini, Paul Flannery, Simone Perrotte, Charles Baird, Daz, Sarah Knight, Yoonyoung Jang, Hideki Arichi, Emma Godebska, Chris Spurdens, Ilsun Maeng, Changwoo Ryu, Ingeun Kim
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

3:00 Doors open
3:30-3:35 pm Introduction Presented by Dani Daeun Kim, AAA Creative Manager
3:35 4:05 pm One Fine Day Film Screening
4:05-4:35 pm Q&A session with director Ingeun Kim, Presented by Dani Daeun Kim, English interpreter: Taery Kim

Alpha Art Association is pleased to announce the premiere screening of One Fine Day (2012), Hwa-chang-han Nal (화창한 날) in Korean, written and directed by Ingeun Kim. One Fine Day is his debut short film on the life of a Korean artist living and working in London. As a London-based Korean artist himself currently working towards an MA degree in visual communication at the Royal College of Art, Ingeun Kim portrays internal frustration and intricate relationships with art and people with his subjective point of view.

Displaying Kim’s unpretentious style, the film follows Ilsu (Ilsu Hwang), a young Korean man, whose circle of life revolves around London as he works and lives in the city as an artist. He meets Gemini Kim Chee (Gemini Kim) for the first time at a party, an artist who finds the conversation with Ilsu discomforting.

The director describes the film as below:

My first short narrative film entitled One Fine Day was born out of a momentary desire to investigate a different medium of expression, somewhat distanced from what I had created as an artist. I wanted to explore the effects of a self-conscious artist in relation to others, his perspective in response to others and vice versa. […] It was made from a sense of purely the desire to attempt something that served as a distraction from my life creating art. An escape from my everyday life in the art world by making a story about everyday life in the art world.

Filmed at The Chocolate Factory, Bargehouse, Westcliff House and Tomline House.

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