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Kim Suhee’s Ribbon of Error at the RCA

At the various group shows put on at the art colleges you can usually count on encountering more Korean artists than you were expecting, and the interim exhibition at the Royal College of Arts this weekend was no exception. I had gone along to see a performance of Kim Suhee’s work Ribbon of Error, and … [Read More]

Red Carpet Spirit trilogy screens at the KCC

Even if you saw Ingeun Kim’s short film One Fine Day in Camden last December, you’ll want to see it again. At the KCC on 6 September it will be partnered by two other short films by Korean artists in London: Changwoo Ryu’s Bincent and Yoonsuk Choi’s Object. RSVP as per the contact details below. … [Read More]

Reality Check at 43 Inverness Street

Notice of the next event at 43 Inverness Street: a one-day event with installations and a performance. Reality Check 28 August 2013 43 Inverness Street 6-9 pm 43 Inverness Street is pleased to announce Reality Check, a one-day event presenting artworks that involve sound, performance and installation on 28 August with artists Yoonsuk Choi, Ingeun … [Read More]

Screening: One Fine Day | 화창한 날 – a short film on the life of a Korean artist living in London

This looks like a really interesting project. One of the organisers of this screening, Daeun Dani Kim of Alpha Art Association, describes it as “A short film on the life of a Korean artist living in London. Unpretentious and surprisingly humourous!” But watching the trailer below is really disorienting. You’re used to seeing films about … [Read More]

4482 2011: Rhizosphere – Directions in Motion comes to the Bargehouse

The annual blockbuster group show of young Korean artists in London runs 24-27 February at the Bargehouse, bigger than ever: this year there are 60 artists exhibiting: The 4th 4482 Sasapari exhibition represents the largest ever showcase for Korean contemporary artists living and working in London. This year, entitled ‘Rhizosphere: Directions in Motion’, it presents … [Read More]