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Bongsu Park: Emanate — at Mokspace

Mokspace presents the first new exhibition of 2013:

Bongsu Park: Emanate

Preview: Tuesday 8th January 2013. 6pm
Exhibition Date: 4th January – 21st January 2013 / Opening Hours : 11am – 6pm, Every day


Bongsu Park’s work seeks to address the fundamental questions of existence. Rather than applying a scientific or logical approach where analysis seeks resolution, she utilises organic forms to explore the act of creation, birth and decay. Her works include seeds organically sprouting from a hanging pouch, human limbs emerging out of knitted canvases, and cubes – danced with and within. In CUBE, the human form leaves an imprint or facsimile. The organic body may pass, decay, evaporate, and yet a trace element remains. An outline, a memory.

The irony of containment, within a seed or a cube (one organic, the other a human construct), is that whilst it nurtures it also restricts. She juxtaposes these two distinct views in both GERM and CELL where escape is simultaneously a process of birth but also a struggle for liberation. This apparent contradiction is a constant reminder of our vulnerability and mortality. Liberation, and through it expression, is only achieved through a struggle. Through that struggle, meaning emanates.

For Park, the work of art (or indeed, of an artist) may itself be fragile, organic, temporal. By experimenting with a dynamic range of media including photography, installations and videos, she seeks to grasp the fundamental aspects of birth, relationships, solitude, life and decay, where no scientific analysis would be satisfactory.

MOKSPACE – 33 Museum Street, London WC1A 1LH T: +44 (0) 20 7637 8880 W: E: [email protected]


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