Wonji Seol and Bongsu Park – In the Void

Coinciding with her solo show at Mokspace, Park Bongsu is in a group show with Seol Wonji and two others in the crypt under St Pancras (new) Church opposite Euston Station.

In the Void

19 – 27 January 2013
Opening times: 11am – 5.30pm
Private view: Saturday 19 January, 6pm – 9pm
The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London, NW1 2BA


A group exhibition of painting, photography, drawing, installation, video and green-graffiti by four young, international, contemporary artists: Bongsu Park (South Korea), Ema Kawanago (Japan), Wonji Seol(South Korea) and Jonathan Longuet (France).

The title ‘In the Void’ represents an invisible and dematerialised space that exists between human beings and is a key concept between these 4 artists, alongside their own recognition of the world. ‘Void’ connotes a space existing but being absent simultaneously that implies an infinity and endlessness of artistic exploration.

For this occasion, the participating artists will take a creative journey across phenomenological issues of human being, birth and death, biological and psychological relations, and ethical, artistic, psychological implications as well as an ultimate approach to the human body. Such personal investigation into our intermingled lives will be drawn in the exhibition space in adoption of a new methodological approach to perceive art as a medium of communication amongst human relations.

BONGSU PARK, South Korean, lives and works in London,
‘Cube’, performance video & installation video
‘Cube’, Silkscreen images
‘Cell’, photography

Through my work, I have endeavoured to grasp the answers to rather fundamental questions about life; birth and death; being and becoming on my own terms. Such questions have intrigued and fed my thought. My approach to those questions is not necessarily based on a metaphysical philosophy or a religious belief or scientific analysis; however, I have taken them as a way of viewing the world and life and also as an inspiration for my work.

I have tried to employ any possible practices, processes and media for my work to show my art world. For example, video clips with performance and installation; organic materials; knitting and weaving; photography and silkscreen. www.bongsupark.com

EMA KAWANAGO, Japanese, lives and works in Bordeaux, France
‘Welcome to Japanese society’, installation
‘We never know’, painting
‘Left brain-Right Brain’, video

My work is built around the relationship levels. Themes appear in a variety of different aspects and scale: biological and physical relationships between distance, space, time, and also social relationships between human beings, cultures and countries…. The differences and similarities between humans and other living beings have always intrigued me.

Influenced by my studies in biology (Master 2 specialty ecosystems), I use a variety of techniques ranging from two-dimensional representations (painting, drawing and photography) to large three-dimensional works (installations) to explore these different areas of interactions. “The practice of multi-media is a necessity in order to present the different levels of relationship”

JONATHAN LONGUET, French, lives and works in Bordeaux, France
‘Stunning series’ paintings living plant / green graffiti,

I work with a living plant paint (Graffiti Green) and in the development of autonomous organic paintings. “The idea for this project is to share with the public aspects of my experimental works and their ethical implications: philosophical and artistic. Green Graffiti is made from algae, these paintings evolve like a plant, grow slowly during time depending on conditions. “Green Graffiti Paint” comes from personal research and cooperation with several biologists and lichenologists since 2005.

The work is made of living algae harvested around the foot of Bordeaux’s buildings, cultivated and applied to a canvas or a wall. A simple microscopic observation of green graffiti allows us to see: territorial wars, food, duplication, waste management… these same problematic issues that we find in the heart of our contemporary civilizations apply to complex systems of plants. By giving humans forms to plants, I try to open a dialogue between human beings and their biological environments, highlighting their common traits, their reactions to the reality of survival, their necessity to live in a community, what is the definition of an eco-system.

WONJI SEOL, South Korean, lives and works in Seoul ‘Folding’, installation ‘Untitled’ installation, collages As the image of the human body, its changing body composed of folds, small hollows, bumps, wrinkles and other features that make us what we are, I wonder in my artistic work about contractions, expansions, breaths and silences that punctuate and compose the instant, the elusive identity. ‘Folds’ in this installation, I fold, unfold, a collection of papers folded layers as a slow breathing space. ‘Untitled’ is a series of collages from assemblies of images from magazines and newspapers.

With support from: http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/en/projects/in-the-void-crypt-gallery-london-exposition-d-art-contemporain/


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