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Shin Sang-ok’s Bound By Chastity: this weeks Women on Screen film at the KCC

This Thursday is rather too busy: a Shin Sang-ok film, a concert at the Royal Asiatic Society, the opening night of Terracotta, and a couple of private views of Korean art exhibitions.

Via Alualuna, here’s a synopsis of the film, which will be screened at 7pm on 6 June. Registering in advance (via the KCC website) is even more important than for the main screenings, as this film will be shown in the small viewing space downstairs next to the library.

Shin Sang-ok: Bound by Chastity Rule (열녀문, 1962)


A widow has a love child with her servant. Because she is from an aristocratic family, her in-laws throw out both the father and the baby – as demanded by society and its rule for chastity for widows. Years later the child, now a grown man, comes to find his mother, but is rejected by her.

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