Korean designers at 100% Design London 2013

The annual 100% Design London exhibition will be held at Earls Court, 18-21 September, and as usual there will be a Korean pavilion showing designers supported by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion. And you’ll probably find, as you stroll around the arena, that there are some independent Korean designers there as well. But here are the ones you’ll find in the Korean pavilion:


Luminous silkscreen poster from 601BISANG

“To look at something in a new light… To smile in secret… To think eccentrically… To get the most out of life – 601STREET. 601STREET is an art product brand of 601bisang with humor and a full of brilliant ideas. We design interior decorations, art books and stationeries, which result from out-of-box thinking and unique messages. Currently 601STREET products are exported to the UK, France, Germany, the United States and Japan. We take part in international design fairs, such as 100% Design London (2011), Maison & Objet Paris (2011) and other expositions in Tokyo, Hong Kong and LA. 601bisang has won red dot: agency of the year 2012 and Grand Prix, New York Art Directors Club Gold Medal, The One Show Gold Pencil and Best of Category in Graphics at I.D. Annual Design Review.”
481-11 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-839, Korea
www.601bisang.com | www.601street.com


Rocking chair from artiZAC
Rocking chair from artiZAC

“artiZAC is meaning of “Making Art Pieces”: ‘arti’ is refer to artisans, and ‘ZAC’, which means a ‘work’ or ‘production’ in Korean. artiZAC is consist of two architect, In Chul YEO / Myuoung Seog SIN, and want to express an architectural language into the wood working furniture.”
135-854 413-2, Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Beeeen Company

Beeeen Dancheong
Dancheong Block Series Basket from Beeeen Company

“Fabrikr, ‘people creating with fabric,’ is a two-person design craft group. The group reinterprets fabric to produce rare interior products based on the concept of converging design and handcraft. It goes beyond the existing perspective for furniture to convey a more artistic and aesthetic value. Utilization of unlimited colors and various textures of fabrics sublimate the limits of materials in advantages. The resulting products are unique with warm emotions and oriental and delicate touch, enriching people’s sensitivity.”
8 Youidaero, Youngdeungpo-gu, 150881 Seoul Korea
www.Beeeen com

ceramic studio ‘Mee’

Ceramic lighting from Lighting Studio Mee
Ceramic lighting from Lighting Studio Mee

“Ceramist Jihyun Chung was graduated in 2000 at Camberwell college of Arts in London. She was back to Korea and opened her ceramics studio and developed her own ceramic products from 2003. She use multi-layer colored slip and cut the surface to show color inside to make lamp shades and cups. For 5years she showed and sold her works in Sydney, Milan, London, New York, Moscow,Tokyo, Berlin Design Festival and Masion & Object in Paris.”
B1, 120-16 Garack-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Daam-so Strip Bentwood Furniture
Strip Bentwood Furniture from Daam-so

“Korean as ‘daam-so’ is the meaning of communicating with each other in warm and friendly. Our company creates furniture which is made to be based on a successful communication of old things and new things.”
Sinbanpo Hanshin Apt215-701, 171, Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

ecojun company

Original Green Cup from ecojun company
Original Green Cup from ecojun company

“Ecojun company is a design company that develops and manufactures green design products based on ecological ethics. Our goal is to help saving our planet, where our children will live on, by attracting attentions on eco-friendly products. Products made at Ecojun company are not just eco-friendly. We consider both green design and user-friendliness, reaching out for universal design with best quality.”
C-104, 215, jinheung-ro, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Korea


Camping chairs from IN R&D Center
Camping chairs from IN R&D Center

“IN R&D CENTER is the company of industrial product design. We have many portfolios of home electronics and interior object. As the boom of camping in South Korea, in 2013, we launched the camping brand named PETROUS built by designers. Actually, the brand named PETROUS had started in 1980 by professional engineer group. As time goes, the market has started to need more special, various and different design on camping stuffs. So, IN R&D CENTER (designers) and PETROUS (engineers) has collaborator around all process and renewed the brand.”
55-20, mullae-dong 3 ga, yeongdeungpo gu,seoul, south korea
www.inrnd.co.kr (camping brand website) www.petrous.co.kr


2n1 storage stool from KooN
2n1 storage stool from KooN

“Every single item we create is always united by the idea ‘FUN & FUNCTION’. Through the playful application of humour in our design solutions, we suggest designs with ‘difference’ as appealing to the mind as to the eye. Products are either customised for bespoke clients or developed for the retail market with commercial partners. As another part of our business, we promote commercial potential of young talented design through showcasing contemporary European as well as domestic design excellent.”
3F 396-47, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Lightgreen Concept

B’SKIT Lighting from Lightgreen Concept
B’SKIT Lighting from Lightgreen Concept

“The new LED lighting from Lightgreen Concept called ‘B’SKIT’ was designed to provide users with not only a highly efficient lighting but also a pleasurable and comforting visual atmosphere. This ‘devourable lighting’ inspired from a tasty looking square biscuit. It can be adapted to spaces of any height and width by installing from one to several dozens of, this ‘B’SKIT’ lighting can be modularized in diverse ways.”
#201-31, Seocho EO Vill, Seocho 3-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, KOREA

NJ Lighting

Ceramic lighting from NJ Lighting
Ceramic lighting from NJ Lighting

“NJ Lighting is a South Korean company for handmade ceramic lighting products of superb quality. The brand was established in 2007 by the artists Nam-woong Cho and Min-jung Lee. With a passion for ceramic arts and classic interior design the young founders created a wide range of delicate porcelain products that enrich every environment with a warm and cozy atmosphere. Every single lamp is handmade by specially schooled ceramic design artists, who share the same dedication.”
TECHNO ZONE 408, 2979, gimpo gold valley hagun-ri yangchon-myeon, gyeonggi-do / gimpo-si, South Korea

Quantumby Inc.

Kitchen Icicle from Quantumby
Kitchen Icicle from Quantumby

“Quantumby Inc. was founded in 2011 for the advancement of the creative design sector in South Korea and abroad. The company strives to serve as a market leader. In the coming years and decades, the Quantumby team looks forward to continuing its flexible, creative approach. Also we do our own project for developing creativity and keep thinking about design in the world of change. We trying to realize our design philosophy: P.U.V (Positive, Useful and Valuable) and take human-centered design-based approach and our work are done in consideration of the user-centered experience by analyzing their needs, behaviors, and desires. With our experience, we have won the prize at internationally well-known awards such as Red Dot Design Award and IDEA. We love what we do.”
101 Venture Incubating Center, Small and Medium BusinesCenter Iui-dong, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do 443-766

Seung il co. Ltd

Rami side table from Seung il co. Ltd
Rami side table from Seung il co. Ltd

“Architect and designer Il Hoon Roh received an AA Diploma from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London and a Masters degree in Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London. In 2004, Il Hoon won the British Cement Association Award and the International Concrete Design Competition in Europe by proposing an architectural concrete structure titled “Non-directional Spatial Skeleton Structure.” This work became the foundation for his later designs. In early 2010, after qualifying for the Royal Institute of British Architects and working as an architect in architectural firms in London including Foster and Partners, Il Hoon set up a design studio under his name to focus full-time on his passion of creating functional art. He has since enjoyed much success exhibiting his works around the world including at the Aram Gallery in London in 2011. In 2012, Il Hoon Roh was selected as a Next Generation Design Leader by the KIDP/Ministry of Knowledge Economy in S. Korea.”
Rivertower 707, YEONG DEUNGPO-DONG, YEONG DEUNGPO-GU, 2GA, 94-119, SEOUL, South Korea


CRESIA furniture from Stereotype
CRESIA furniture from Stereotype

“‘Stereotype is the satisfaction of status quo.’
Having distinctive thoughts and actions do not mean breaking stereotypes. Having interest in things that people show little attention of, thinking outside the box and approaching an object with a flexible point of view, and being free from customs and prejudices… Stereotype is a creative company that divides complex tasks amongst professional teams and staff members to create new stereotypes.”
Sung-Woon Bldg 6F, 536-19 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-889, Korea

Studio Jinhyun Jeon

Tableware from Studio Jinhyun Jeon
Tableware from Studio Jinhyun Jeon

Temporary Art Centre/ TAC @ 118 Gagelstraat 6a, 5611 BH Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Peaked hat pendant & wall lighting from YdesignY
Peaked hat pendant & wall lighting from YdesignY

60, 16dagil, Sadangro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Korea


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