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Slice – group show at Hanmi Gallery from 7 December

News of Hanmi Gallery’s December exhibition. If like me you missed Choi Eun-sook’s exhibition at Mokspace recently, here’s another chance to see her work.


Hanmi Gallery | 30 Maple Street London W1T 6HA |

Sliced images

Hanmi Gallery is pleased to announce its 27th Interim Exhibition, “Slice”, a show that embraces painting in many forms. Taking over the five floors of Hanmi Gallery, the artists begin in paint but spill out from the wall to enter the space of installation, sculpture, photography and video.

The artists involved come from a wide range of backgrounds, three continents and nine countries. What draws all of the work together is their starting point in painting.


Rebecca Byrne | Liz Elton | Eun Sook Choi | Keren Dee | Hyun Hwa Oh | Sara Dudman and Debbie Locke | Xiao-yang Li | Louisa Mahony and Sarah Pager | Vanessa Maurice-Williams | Sakura Mori | Heather Ross | Alejandro Salcedo | Susan Sluglett | Claire Undy | Maarten van den Bos | Lucy Whitford

Curators: Rebecca Byrne, Liz Elton

Hanmi Gallery is in a state of transition, its walls stripped back to bare brick, waiting for its remodelling. Not a traditional white-walled space but a space of potential, echoing the openness embraced by Slice.

Rebecca Byrne uses architectural space as a starting point. By layering paint and stitching, she endeavors to create a dissonance that emphasizes a sense of uncertainty about the painting, leaving it open to multiple readings. Byrne was shortlisted for the Griffin Prize 2012.

Liz Elton’s work begins in painting, exposed to the elements, becoming damaged and broken, its gestural marks partially erased. Documentation embeds a sense of shifting and uncertainty, gestures dissolving into the digital. Recent exhibitions include John Moores Painting Prize Exhibition, 2012.

Eun Sook Choi’s paintings explore the space between familiarity and strangeness through an alchemy of iconography, visual experience and the fluid language of painting. Recent exhibitions include a solo show ‘The Space In Between’, MOK Space, London, 2013.

Keren Dee’s work is dominated by discordant fragmentations referencing art history. Exploring the hierarchy of painting within a contemporary context, she seeks beauty in ugliness and ideas of uniqueness. Recent exhibitions include Bloomberg New Contemporaries, 2010, and ‘Surface’, Griffin Gallery 2012.

Hyun Hwa Oh: Born in Seoul, South Korea, Hyun Hwa Oh works and lives in London. With sculpture and painting, her practice often incorporates spiritual and subliminal fantasies. She is part of the Florence Trust Studio Programme.

Sara Dudman and Debbie Locke collaborate to explore the interface between machine and hand-made marks, whilst attempting to capture the complex and interdependent working relationship between farmer and flock. Their work featured in the 2013 Sunday Times Watercolour Competition Exhibition at the Mall Gallery.

Xiao-yang Li is interested in anthropology and the process of mythification of objects through the medium of paint. She was trained in Prince’s Drawing School and Chelsea College of Art. She recently showed at The Other Art Fair and at A.P.T. Gallery, London.

Louisa Mahony and Sarah Pager collaborate to make painting installations that spill out into painterly sculptural form. Mahony’s work featured in the Hot-one-Hundred, Schwartz Gallery and the RA Summer Show. Pager’s recent exhibitions include ‘breathe with me’ (Solo), Domus Wall, and ‘Academy Now’, Hanmi Gallery.

Recent Slade MFA graduate, Vanessa Maurice-Williams makes large-scale installations that she views as three-dimensional painting, concentrating on the physical or illusionary entrance to a space. Shortlisted for the Derek Hill Foundation Scholarship, The British School at Rome 2013.

Sakura Mori was born in Japan, and lives and works in London. She paints narrative portraits with distorted and reconstructed figures with decorative surfaces. She was shortlisted for the GAM Gilbert de Botton Art Prize in 2012, and has exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair.

Heather Ross is interested in the way information is experienced, as a result of the way in which it is framed – historically, in relation to painting and within contemporary screens/portals. Recipient of the Vice Chancellors Scholarship Award, LUX/Central St. Martin’s.

Columbian artist Alejandro Salcedo’s work aims to find collective associations in personal encounters. These encounters are reframed into painting Recent exhibitions include Masters in Research and Arts Practice (MRes) Final Show, Chelsea College of Art and Design, 2013 and Self as Room, Gascony Avenue, London 2013

Susan Sluglett’s expressive paintings are anchored in an arbitrary mythology, pulling from found objects and historical research she creates paintings of modern day life filled with black humour. Sluglett’s work is currently touring as part of the Jerwood Painting Fellowship exhibition, 2013.

Claire Undy’s recent photographic work considers the language of an image and the relationship between the varying communication of photography and painting. Claire curated ‘Exchange Project’ (A.P.T. 2013), and her work featured in the WW Solo Award, WW Gallery and the Art Licks Annual, ICA.

Maarten van den Bos is a Dutch painter based in London. He works through a process of painterly evolution letting the work evolve until form creates new meaning. His work is in Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2013.

Lucy Whitford’s combines raw and natural materials with the processed and man-made. Excavating the inherited mythologies of materials, Whitford encourages the potential for connections to be made between object, individual and the space they share. She had a solo show, Zabludowicz Invites: Lucy Whitford, at the Zabludowicz Collection in 2013.

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