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The tweet that launched a podcast

The purple London Korean Film Festival goody bag is just visible under his right arm

I was watching Nobody’s Daughter Haewon as part of the BFI London Film Festival this year, and was rather enjoying it. I’ve done a little review of it here. It was nice to see some familiar locations in the film. And then I saw something even more familiar: one of the characters in the film was carrying a swag bag from the London Korean Film Festival 2011. I could only suppose that Hong Sang-soo picked it up when he was in London for the festival – he has been in London at least once over the past few years.

But then I had second thoughts. Hong Sang-soo came to London in 2010, for a retrospective of his films at the BFI in September. But I didn’t remember him being at the 2010 London Korean Film Festival in November that year. And I didn’t remember any Hong Sang-soo being screened in the 2011 festival either. So how did Hong get a 2011 goody bag?

One of life’s little puzzles. But it’s a puzzle that inspired Adam Hartzell, a stalwart of and Hong Sang-soo admirer, to record an intriguing podcast which also weaves in Martin Scorsese, Kyung-hyun Kim and the Japanese I-Novels of Oe Kenzaburo.

Follow Adam on Twitter @FilmEssaying. His Hong Sang-soo Podcast channel can be found on Soundcloud HSSSPodcast.

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