For the easy solution to watching K-drama in the UK, here’s your answer

All you folks who have been wondering how to watch Korean TV dramas in the UK without installing some unsightly satellite dish which makes it look as if your house is inhabited either by a spy or a sporting nutcase, here’s your answer: DramaFever is about to launch here, cannily stealing a march on EastAsiaTV, which is due to launch in the summer. Say goodbye to any spare time you thought you had…


Dramafever rolls out global online streaming services worldwide


New York, NY ­ JAN 28, 2014 — DramaFever, an online video service that curates premium television shows and movies from 70 major broadcasters and studios throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas, announced today the rollout of global streaming services worldwide. DramaFever will stream over 100 of their most popular titles in their entirety from Korea and Taiwan. The company also announced today the further development of their unique branded technology and apps for mobile and smart TV’s.

This expansion will allow territories worldwide to discover and enjoy hit shows from the rest of the world that were previously unavailable before. Users in these areas can now legally enjoy premium international series in full, on demand with professional subtitles in HD quality on DramaFever’s website as well as its applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Roku, and Google TV.

“We’ve been very strategic about the quality of content we license and how we distribute that content across all platforms,” said Suk Park, DramaFever’s Co-­CEO. “The rollout of global streaming services enables us to deliver the best premium titles from around the world into markets that wouldn’t otherwise have broadband access. We’re also looking forward to utilizing the new funding to further develop our library of licensed and original content.”

This massive initiative will make DramaFever the first online distribution platform to successfully bring these titles to every continent. The decision to move into new territories was inspired by the company’s all time high viewership of 9M UVM.

DramaFever’s international streaming service will be available through paid subscriptions, specific to UK and Australia now. These announcements come on the heels of DramaFever locking additional capital from Softbank Ventures. Previous investors include AMC Networks, Bertelsmann, MK Capital, NALA Investments, and YouTube co-­founder Steve Chen, among others.

Established in 2009, DramaFever was co-­founded by Seung Bak & Suk Park with the primary goal of giving Asian content a fully-­licensed distribution home in the United States. Earlier this year they expanded their library to 600 titles and 14,000 episodes, including European and Latin American premium programming, most of which is made available to viewers on a first-­run, next day basis from original broadcast.


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