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Myungji Ye: ‘Glowing Lines’, in the Burlington Arcade

A two-day exhibition by Korean jewellery designer Myungji Ye is the first exhibition to be presented by No Artificial Flavour, in the opulent surroundings of the Burlington Arcade:

Myungji Ye: ‘Glowing Lines’

Unit 73, Burlington Arcade, London, W1J 0QR
10.00am-08.00pm 1 and 2 May, 2014
5.00pm-8.00pm 1 May, 2014 (The evening view invitation only)

A unique exhibition featuring Korean jewellery designer, Myungji Ye, will be held on 1-2 May at unit 73 Burlington Arcade. ‘Glowing Lines’ will feature nearly 60 works by Ye, including her highly regarded Blooming Series, as well as other pieces which were participated in various exhibitions and shows nationally and internationally.

Blooming series, 2001
Blooming series, 2001, 18K Gold, Vicenza Oro show

Myungji Ye was one of the first Korean jewellery designers to design jewellery using 3D knitting methods with CAD/CAM in 1998. The 3D knitting method using CAD/CAM was the one and only technique that enabled sophisticated designs to be actually produced. Right after its launch, YEMYUNGJI has caught the world’s attention, as well as that of Korea. As the first Korean jewellery designer to be invited, she participated in world-renowned shows and exhibitions like 2001 VICENZAORO 2 jewellery show and 2001 MISS UNIVERSE in Italy. She even impressed the crown princess of Japan at a jewellery show for the Japanese Imperial Household in 2002.

Her unique jewellery design uses woven lines to form a three-dimensional figure. She explains that her designs well represent her own identity emphasising originality and purity in her works. “All my jewellery has a similar pattern somewhere. Having established my original design and identity, I think, was the biggest success in my career.”

Millennium Ball series, 2000
Millennium Ball series, 2000, 18K Gold

She not only has passion for jewellery design but also for anything which acknowledges her design, such as collaborations with a variety of fields; a luxury MP3 player for an industrial design firm; VVIP credit card designs which Alexandro Mendini, one of Alessi designers, and Andre Kim, one of the most well-known Korean fashion designers of all time were also asked to create; a luxury evening bag range for MCM, luxury fashion brand. Moreover, she was commissioned to design a necklace for the launch of ‘Glamorous’, a perfume by Ralph Lauren.

Line series, 2001
Line series, 2001, 18K Gold, Natural Pearls and Diamonds for Ralph Lauren Korea

Over the last few years, she has been focusing on a reinterpretation of Korean traditional accessories such as hairpieces for queens’ formal outfit. She uses her own 3D knitting method to recreate them.

The Great Hair
The Great Hair: Hairpiece for Queen’s formal ceremony in Chosun Dynasty, 2011, 14KGP Silver and Copper

This exhibition is organized and circulated by No Artificial Flavour Ltd. based in the UK.

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