London Korean Film Festival 2014: the schedule in detail

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Here’s the full schedule of the London Korean Film Festival 2014 for you to optimise your viewing pleasure. Full details will soon be up on the festival’s official website, And the tickets will be on sale at the relevant Odeon websites: Odeon West End | Odeon Covent Garden | Odeon Kingston.

The 9th London Korean Film Festival programme

6th – 21st November 2014
For the Opening Gala, we present Kundo: Age of the Rampant on Thursday, 6th November at Odeon West End. Directed by Yoon Jong of The Unforgiven, Nameless Gangster with his intention of making an action blockbuster that makes your hear reacts first. This film portrait a Robin Hood-like righteous outlaw called ‘Kundo’ of Joseon dynasty going after corrupt officials in the period. At the Opening Gala, we will be joined by Director Yoon as well as Actor Gang Dong Won, who played the main role as a cold-blooded yet a sympathetic villain, Jo Yoon.

For our Closing Gala, we present Revivre, the 102nd film by Im Kwon-taek on Saturday, 15th November at Odeon West End.

This film, according to Director IM, is a adaptation of a novel by Korean author Kim Hoon and through this film he wanted to step further as it contemplates the fundamental questions of life, death and sexuality. Especially, Director Im wanted to reveal the pain and love embedded in one’s heart through. And ultimately feel ‘we all live like that’. This film starrs by Actor Ahn Sungki, a Korea’s Most Beloved Actor through ‘meticulously calculated performances, detailed preparation and the confidence to continuously reinvent himself through roles’. Actor Ahn will be joined at the Closing Gala Premiere of and talks with UK audience.

We truly look forward to seeing you all at the London Korean Film Festival 2014.

Screenings in London and Kingston
Od = Odeon; WE = West End; CG = Covent Garden; Ki = Kingston
Thursday 6 November
7:00pmKundo: Age of the Rampant (군도, 2014, 135mins, period action) Q & A with director Yoon Jongbin, actor Gang Dong Won and producer Han Jae DukYoon Jongbin GalaOd WE
Friday 7 November
4:00pmK-Forum on Film Producing (speakers: Lee Joon-dong and Han Jae-duk / moderator: Nik Powell)Lee Joon-dongKCCUK
6:00pmPieta (피에타, 2012, 104mins, drama)Kim Ki-dukKim Ki-dukOd WE
6:30pmKundo: Age of the Rampant (군도, 2014, 135mins, period action) Q & A director Yoon Jongbin, actor Gang Dong Won and producer Han Jae DukYoon JongbinOd Ki
8:30pmA Girl at My Door (도희야, 2014, 119mins, drama) Q & A with director July Jung, producer Lee Joon Dong and BIFF’s programmer Nam Dong ChulJuly JungLee Joon-dongOd WE
Saturday 8 November
1:30pmHwayi: A Monster Boy (화이, 2013, 125mins, thriller) Q & A with producer Lee Joon DongJang Joon-HwanLee Joon-dongOd WE
2:00pmHill of Freedom (자유의 언덕, 2014, 67mins, drama)Hong Sang-sooSpotlightOd CG
4:00pmHan Gong-ju (한공주, 2013, 112mins, drama) Q & A with BIFF’s programmer Nam Dong ChulLee Su-jinBIFF ChoiceOd CG
5:00pmPoetry (시, 2009, 139mins, drama) Q & A with producer Lee Joon DongLee Chang-dongLee Joon-dongOd WE
7:30pmAlive (산다, 2014, 175mins, drama)Park JungbumBIFF ChoiceOd CG
8:00pmObsessed (인간중독, 2013, 132mins, romance)Kim Dae-wooK-actorsOd Ki
8:40pmMan in Love (남자가 사랑할 때, 2013, 120mins, romance)Han Dong-wookK-actorsOd WE
Sunday 9 November
2:00pmThe Target (표적, 2014, 98mins, crime)Yoon Hong-seungSpotlightOd CG
2:00pmA Hard Day (끝까지 간다, 2013, 111mins, drama)Kim Seong-hunSpotlightOd WE
4:00pmMise-en-scene Shorts 1 (미장센 단편 1)ShortsKCCUK
4:30pm10 Minutes (10분, 2013, 93mins, drama) Introduction by BIFF’s programmer Nam Dong ChulLee Yong-seungBIFF ChoiceOd CG
4:30pmOne on One (일대일, 2014, 122mins, drama) + Introduction by Anton BitelKim Ki-dukKim Ki-dukOd WE
6:40pmMise-en-scene Shorts 2 (미장센 단편 2)ShortsKCCUK
7:00pmPascha (파스카, 2013)Ahn Seon-kyoungBIFF ChoiceOd CG
8:00pmObsessed (인간중독, 2013, 132mins, romance)Kim Dae-wooK-actorsOd WE
9:20pmMise-en-scene Shorts 3 (미장센 단편 3)ShortsKCCUK
Monday 10 November
6:30pmNeighbours (우리 이웃 이야기)Son Tae-gyum, Shin Sojeong, Kim Hee-jinIndieOd CG
7:00pmMoment to Remember (내머리속에 지우개, 2004, 117mins, romance)Lee Jae-han (John H. Lee)Jung Woo-sungKCCUK
8:30pmManshin (만신, 2013, 104mins, documentary) Q & A with director Park Chan KyungPark Chan KyungSpotlightOd CG
Tuesday 11 November
2:00pmThe Fake   (사이비, 2013, 100mins, animation)Yeon SanghoAnimationOd CG
6:30pmBitter, Sweet, Seoul  (고진감래, 2013) Q & A with director PARKing CHANcePARKing CHANceIndieOd CG
7:00pmCrocodile (악어, 1996, 102mins, drama)Kim Ki-dukKim Ki-dukKCCUK
8:30pmUnder the Sky of Seoul (서울의 지붕밑, 1961, 115mins, drama) Introduction by Dr. Mark MorrisLee Hyung-pyoClassicOd CG
Wednesday 12 November
2:00pmThe Road called Life (메밀 꽃 필 무렵, 운수좋은, 날 그리고 봄봄)Ahn Jae-hun, Han Hye-jin AnimationOd CG
6:30pmIn Conversation with Park Chan-kyongKCCUK
6:30pmThe King of Jokgu (족구왕, 2013, 100mins, comedy)Moon Byung-ranBIFF ChoiceOd CG
7:00pmMusa, the Warrior (무사, 2001, 154mins, period action)Kim Sung-suJung Woo-sungKCCUK
8:30pmNight Flight (야간 비행, 2013, 134min, drama)Leesong Hee-ilIndieOd CG
Thursday 13 November
6:30pm I am Not a Hairdresser (난 미용사가 아니야) There is no Forest (무림) Faces (얼굴들) Deaf and Wind (귀머거리와 바람)Lee Hyung-suk, Kim Na-kyung, Kim Minjun, Hwang Kyu-ilIndie / ShortsOd CG
6:30pmHaemoo (해무, 2014, 111mins)Shim Sung-boK-actorsOd WE
6:30pmDonghae & Eunhyuk (Super Junior) Concert + The Youth (레디 액션 청춘, 2014, 126mins, Omnibus: The Rumour / Wonderwall / Enemies all Around / Play Girl) + Q & A with Super Junior (Donghae, Eunhyuk)Kim Jin-moo, Park Ga-hee, Ju Seong-su, Jeong Won-sikK-actorsOd WE
8:00pmGyeongju (경주, 2014, 145mins, adventure)Zhang LuSpotlightOd CG
9:20pmMan on High heels (하이힐, 2013, 125mins, action comedy)Jang JinK-actorsOd WE
Friday 14 November
6:3pmMoebius (뫼비우스, 2013, 90mins, drama)Kim Ki-dukKim Ki-dukOd CG
7:00pmCold Eyes (감시자들, 2013, 119mins, thriller) + The Killer Behind the old Man (킬러 앞에 노인, 2014, drama) + Q & A with actor Jung Woo-sungJo Ui-seok, Kim Byung-seoJung Woo-sungOd WE
8:30pmThe Dinner (만찬, 2013, 125mins, drama)Kim Dong-hyunBIFF ChoiceOd CG
Saturday 15 November
1:00pmHaemoo (해무, 2014, 111mins)Shim Sung-boK-actorsOd WE
7:00pmClosing Gala: Revivre (화장, 2014, 93 mins, drama) + Q & A with actor Ahn SungkiIm Kwon-taek GalaOd WE
Screenings in Norwich Cinema City
Sunday 16 November
5:30pmHill of Freedom (자유의 언덕, 2014, 67mins, drama)Hong Sang-soo Spotlight
Monday 17 November
8:30pmHan Gong-ju (한공주, 2013, 112mins, drama)Lee Sujin BIFF Choice
Screenings in Hebden Bridge Picture House
Tuesday 18 November
7:00pmPoetry (시, 2009, 139mins, drama)Lee Chang-dong Lee Joon-dong
Wednesday 19 November
7:00pmA Girl at my Door (도희야, 2014, 119mins, drama)July Jung Lee Joon-dong
Screenings in Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Thursday 20 November
5:30pmManshin (만신, 2013, 104mins, documentary)Park Chan-kyong Spotlight
Friday 21 November
8:15pmRevivre (화장, 2014, 93 mins, drama)Im Kwon-taek

Enjoy the difficult decisions!

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