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Ben Nathan: [K-reɪ-t] — at 43 Inverness Street

The upcoming exhibition at 43 Inverness Street is of works produced during a residency run by Seoul Museum of Art:

Ben Nathan: [K-reɪ-t]

24 April – 28 May 2015
PV: 23 April 6 – 9 pm
43 Inverness Street | London NW1 7HB |
Opening Hours: Saturday 12 – 5 pm and by appointment

Ben Nathan, BRICK DAY, 2014, Production still
Ben Nathan, BRICK DAY, 2014, Production still

43 Inverness Street is pleased to announce [K-reɪ-t], an exhibition of new works by Ben Nathan. These works were created during his period as artist-in-residence at the SeMA Nanji Residency run by the Seoul Museum of Art in Korea. This is the artist’s second solo exhibition with the gallery.

The work in [K-reɪ-t] continues Nathan’s examination of city infrastructure and explores the symbols, objects and viewpoints discovered in the urban landscape of Seoul. The collection of drawings, photographs, paintings, and film are based on observations recorded at specific points during trips cycling in and around the South Korean capital.

The 3-part Seoul Triptych, 2014 is central to the exhibition and showcases Nathan’s even-handed analysis of architectural shapes and symbols of the metropolis, isolating the forms, changing their scale and removing them from their original narrative. The triptych is composed of a bi-chromatic painting of a flattened image of an unfinished flyover, a photograph of his art intervention under the Seogang Bridge, and a stainless steel relief of what could simultaneously be viewed as the Hebrew letter ‘Shin’ and as the ‘Jjimjilbang’ public bath symbol in Korea.

The ground floor features an installation of drawings and his film Brick Day, 2014 which chronicles the installation of the situated work Brick, 2014, beneath Seogang Bridge. The crate, which was used to ship home his work from overseas, makes an appearance as the screen onto which his film is projected and forms a connection between South Korea and London.

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