London Korean Film Festival 2015 – the detailed schedule


Here’s the complete schedule for the 2015 edition of the London Korean Film Festival. Details are correct at time of going to press, but experience indicates that there might be some last minute changes. Always check the official website,, for up-to-date details.

I know I’m a bit of a grumbler, but this year I think the KCC has done a really good job in laying out the schedule. Last year I remember cursing that there were so many screening clashes. This year, although there’s about the same number of movies as last year and yes, there are still some clashes, somehow the clashes don’t seem to matter: the art-house fans can select their stream, and those who prefer the mainstream blockbusters can choose theirs.

This is going to be a good year.

Screenings in London and Kingston
BFI = BFI Southbank; KCC = KCCUK; Kings = King’s Collect London (Strand); Od Ki = Odeon Kingston; Od PS = Odeon Panton Street; PH Ce = Picturehouse Central; PH Ha = Picturehouse Hackney; PH Ri = Picturehouse Ritzy; RCAB = Royal College of Art, Battersea; RSC = Regent Street Cinema
Monday 2 November
7:00pmOde to My Father (국제시장, 2014, 126mins) + Q&A (dir JK Youn, Hwang Jung-min, prod Kil Young-min)JK YounOpening GalaBFI
Tuesday 3 November
6:00pmThe Unjust (부당거래, 2010, 109mins)Ryoo Seung-wanActor Hwang Jung-minRSC
6:30pmMiss Granny (수상한 그녀, 2014, 124mins) + Q&A (dir Hwang Dong-hyeuk)Hwang Dong-hyeuk20 years of CJPH Ce
8:10pmVeteran (베테랑, 2015, 124mins) + Q&A (Hwang Jung-min)Ryoo Seung-wanActor Hwang Jung-minRSC
Wednesday 4 November
6:30pmSleepless Night (잠 못 드는 밤, 2013, 65mins) + Q&A (dir Jang Kun-jae + Tony Rayns)Jang Kun-jaeEmerging DirectorsPH Ce
8:30pmTwenty (스물, 2015, 115mins)Lee Byeong-heon2014-15 HitsOd PS
Thursday 5 November
6:30pmA Midsummer’s Fantasia (한여름의 판타지아, 2015, 96mins) + Q&A (dir Jang Kun-jae + Tony Rayns)Jang Kun-jaeEmerging DirectorsPH Ce
8:30pmThe Piper (손님, 2014, 108mins) / Greed, Ghost Light (도깨비 불, 2015, 24mins)Kim Gwang-tae / Kim Na-kyung2014-15 HitsOd PS
Friday 6 November
6:30pmThe City in the Water (물속의 도시, 2014, 80mins) + Q&A (dir Kim Eungsu, Essay Film Festival programmer)Kim EungsuDocumentaryPH Ce
8:45pmThe Thieves (도둑들, 2012, 135mins)Choi Dong-hoonAudience’s ChoiceOd PS
10:45pmNew World (신세계, 2011, 112mins)Park Hoon-jungActor Hwang Jung-minPH Ri
10:45pmMother (마더, 2009, 129mins)Bong Joon-ho20 years of CJPH Ha
Saturday 7 November
1:00pmDino Time (다이노 타임, 2012, 85mins)Choi Yoon-sukFor the FamilyOd PS
2:00pmSocialphobia (소셜포비아, 2014, 100mins) + Q&A (BIFF programmer Nam Dong-chul)Hong Seok-jaeBIFF SelectionOd PS
3:30pmThe Nut Job (넛잡: 땅콩 도둑들, 2014, 86mins)Peter LepeniotisFor the FamilyOd PS
4:30pmSet Me Free (거인, 2014, 108mins)Kim Tae-yongBIFF SelectionOd PS
6:30pmThe Liar (거짓말, 2014, 95mins) + Q&A (BIFF programmer Nam Dong-chul)Kim Dong-myungBIFF SelectionPH Ce
10:45pmThe Man from Nowhere (아저씨, 2010, 119mins)Lee Jeong-beomAudience’s ChoicePH Ri
10:45pmMemories of Murder (살인의 추억, 2003, 127mins)Bong Joon-ho20 years of CJPH Ha
Sunday 8 November
1:00pmMasquerade (광해, 2012, 131mins)Choo Chang-min20 years of CJOd PS
2:00pmWild Flowers (들꽃, 2014, 114mins)Park Suk-youngBIFF SelectionOd PS
3:30pmRoaring Currents (명량, 2014, 128mins)Kim Han-min20 years of CJOd Ki
4:30pmEnd of Winter (철원기행, 2014, 99mins)Kim Dae-hwanBIFF SelectionOd PS
6:30pmWe Will Be Ok (그들이 죽었다, 2014, 102mins) + Q&A (dir Baek Jae-ho + BIFF programmer Nam Dong-chul)Baek Jae-hoBIFF SelectionPH Ce
9:00pmMise-en-scene 1ShortsKCC
Monday 9 November
6:30pmCollapse (붕괴, 2014, 78mins)Lee Won-wooDocumentaryPH Ce
8:30pmThe Royal Taylor (상의원, 2014, 127mins)Lee Won-suk2014-15 HitsOd PS
9:00pmMise-en-scene 2ShortsKCC
Tuesday 10 November
6:30pmRomance Joe (로맨스 조, 2011, 115mins) + Hard to Say (말로는 힘들어, 2012, 25mins) + Q&A (dir Lee Kwang-kuk + Tony Rayns)Lee Kwang-kukEmerging DirectorsPH Ce
6:30pmThe Island of Shadows (그림자들의 성, 2014, 99mins)Kim JeongkeunDocumentaryRCAB
9:00pmMise-en-scene 3ShortsKCC
Wednesday 11 November
6:00pmMiryang Arirang – Legend of Miryang 2 (밀양아리랑, 2015, 106mins)Park Bae-ilDocumentaryKings
8:30pmA Matter of Interpretation (꿈보다 해몽, 2015, 99mins) + Q&A (dir Lee Kwang-kuk + Tony Rayns)Lee Kwang-kukEmerging DirectorsPH Ce
Thursday 12 November
6:30pmThe Classified File (극비수사, 2015, 108mins)Kwak Kyung-taek2014-15 HitsRSC
8:30pmAlice in Earnestland (성실한 나라의 앨리스, 2014, 90mins)Ahn Gooc-jin2014-15 HitsPH Ce
Friday 13 November
6:00pmA Bonanza (노다지, 1961, 100mins) + Q&A (dir Chung Chang-wha + Dr. Mark Morris)Chung Chang-hwaClassics RevisitedRSC
6:30pmThe Shameless (무뢰한, 2015, 118mins)Oh Seung-uk2014-15 HitsPH Ce
8:45pmA Good Lawyer’s Wife (바람난 가족, 2003, 104mins)Im Sang-sooActor Hwang Jung-minRSC
10:45pmThe Good, The Bad, The Weird (좋은 놈, 나쁜 놈, 이상한 놈, 2008, 139mins)Kim Jee-woonAudience’s ChoicePH Ha
Saturday 14 November
1:00pmSunset on the Sarbin River (사르빈강에 노을이 진다, 1965, 120mins)Chung Chang-hwaClassics RevisitedRSC
3:00pmHow to Steal a Dog (개를 훔치는 완벽한 방법, 2014, 109mins)Kim Sung-hoFor the FamilyPH Ce
3:30pmA Swordsman in the Twilight (황혼의 검객, 1967, 105mins) + Q&A (dir Chung Chang-wha + Dr. Mark Morris)Chung Chang-hwaClassics RevisitedRSC
7:00pmLove And… + Q&A (필름시대사랑, 2015, 70mins) + Q&A (dir Zhang Lu + Moon So-ri)Zhang LuClosing GalaRSC

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