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Event news: A feast of Traditional Korean Dance

Notice of a dance performance coming to the KCCUK in March:

Globalisation of Traditional Korea Culture 2016

Feast of Traditional Korean Dance
Date/Time: Tuesday 22 March, 7pm
Venue: Multi-Purpose Hall, Korean Cultural Centre
Performers: Seojung Dance
Running Time: 70 mins
Free Admission but booking is essential. RSVP to [email protected] or 020 7004 2600

Feast of dance

The Korean Cultural Centre UK is proud to present a performance of Traditional Korean Dance on Tuesday 22 March 2016. The six outstanding performers that make up the Seojung Dance Group will come to the KCCUK to perform ‘Feast of Traditional Korean Dance’.


1. Dances from Central Korea

  • Taepyeongmu / Mihee Lee
  • Sanjo Dance / Ok-kyung Lee, Ye-rim Lee, Sun-youn Kim
  • Dosalpuli / Sun-yeong Kim

2. Dances from Jeolla-do and Gyeongsang-do Provinces

  • Jindo Drum Dance / Ok-kyoung Kim, Yoon-jung, Choi, Ye-rim Lee, and So-young Lee
  • Gyobang Gutgeori Dance / Sun-yeong Kim

3. Heoteun Dance, Remembering the Past

  • ‘Solitude’ / Yoon-jung Choi, So-young Lee
  • Heoteun Salpuli Dance / Mi-hee Lee

About Seojung Dance

Seojung Dance, named after the term that means a ‘spring of auspicious water’, is led by its artistic director Lee Mi-hee, a passionate individual whose focus is not only to pass on all that Korea’s traditional dance encompasses, but also modernize, and popularize this artistic form. Seojung Dance’s goal is to also secure repertoires and offer professionals educational opportunities that focus upon developing the inherent Korean qualities and core elements of traditional dance.

Seojung Dance were the first resident organization of the Hongeun Art Creativity Center founded in Seoul in 2011, and notable achievements that year included taking the Grand Prize in Korea’s National Dance Festival. In 2012 from the many exciting projects that they worked upon, Seojung Dance were selected for a Critic’s Choice award. In 2014, they supported a cultural exchange programme between the Seoul Performing Arts Festival and the Philippines, and in 2016 they have been invited to perform in France as part of the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

About the Performance

“Feast of Korean Dance,” a traditional Korean Wave project by Seojung Dance was created to promote the beauty of Korea’s local culture and traditional dances, in addition to creating an opportunity for people to come together and communicate with each other.

This performance therefore takes a peek at Korea’s next generation of dancers as they present traditional dances from central Korea, as well as local dances from the provinces of Jeolla-do and Gyeongsang-do. Each piece is distinct in the sense that at its heart it contains the local identities of traditional Korea.

In addition to presenting new performances by young dancers, the stage will feature the Heoteun-Salpuli dance by the late Jeong Jae-man, a towering name in traditional Korean dance. By bringing these pieces to the programme the performers link the old with the new, to create a magnificent display of Korean dance.


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