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Event news: Sunny and Barking Dogs are April’s KCC screenings

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The KCCUK’s series of screenings featuring different aspects of Korean humour continues this month with Sunny and probably my favourite Bong Joon-ho movie. Will we come face to face with the mysterious Boiler Kim?

The screening on 14 April will include an introductory talk by Jinhee Choi, starting at 7pm. Note also the additional screenings in Battersea and Sheffield this month.

Sunny (써니)

Director: Kang Hyoung-chul (2011)
Cast: Yoo Ho-jeong, Jin Hee-kyung, Ko Soo hee, Hong Jin-hui, Lee Yeon-gyeong
124 mins / Cert. 15 / Eng Subs
7pm, 14 April 2016 @KCCUK | Book seats
6:30pm, 13 April 2016 @Sheffield Hallam University


Na-mi is a typical middle-class housewife with a teenage daughter and brusque husband. While visiting her mother in hospital, she is reunited with her high school friend, Chun-hwa. The two happily reminisce about the good old days. Na-mi was a transfer student and Chun-hwa welcomed the new girl into her clique. The clique was called Sunny, comprising of 7 girls who always hung out together. Chun-hwa who is now terminally ill, asks Na-mi to get the old members of Sunny together for the last time before she dies. And, hence begins an ordinary housewife’s journey and a great deal of trouble to track down her high school classmates.

Barking Dogs Never Bite (플란다스의 개)

Director: Bong Joon-ho (2000)
Cast: Lee Sung jae, Bae Doo-na,Kim Ho-jung, Byun Hee-bong, Ko Soo hee
106 mins / Cert. 12 / Eng Subs
7pm, 28 April 2016 @KCCUK
6:30pm, 12 April 2016 @Royal College of Art Battersea campus

Barking Dogs

In a peaceful middle-class apartment, part-time lecturer Yoon-ju is becoming hyper-sensitive to a dog’s barking coming from somewhere nearby. In an attempt to find the source, he puts his ear to the floor or listens carefully to the sounds from the ceiling. Then one day, returning from his recycling ritual, he discovers a puppy standing in front of his neighbour’s door. Convinced that it is the culprit that has been bothering him, he dognaps the puppy and imprisons it in the basement. Meanwhile, the apartment custodian Hyun-nam searches for the puppy with its young owner. Satisfied of being rid of the dog, Yoon-ju returns to his apartment only to hear the barking again. He rushes to the basement, but the puppy is nowhere to be found…

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2 thoughts on “Event news: Sunny and Barking Dogs are April’s KCC screenings

  1. I saw Barking Dogs Never Bite shortly after it was released, but it was only very recently that I came to know, through a Korean acquaintance, about the 1872 English novel from which the film took its Korean title, A Dog of Flanders, by Marie Louise de la Ramée. It’s curious that a nineteenth century English novel seems to be better known in Korea and Japan than in its home country, and given the lack of any similarity betwen the film and the novel beyond mere caninity, I’d be interested to know why Bong Joon-ho chose the title. Perhaps Jinhee Choi can shed some light on this.

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