Event news: “Cruel State” documentary screening and 2nd anniversary Sewol Silent Protest

As we reach the second anniversary of the Sewol sinking, two special events are planned in London. First, the monthly Sewol Stay Put silent protest will be in Trafalgar Square on 16 April in front of the National Gallery, 2pm – 4pm. Later that afternoon will be a free screening of Cruel State (나쁜나라) at Raindance Film Centre. No booking is required and entry is on a first-come, first-seated basis.

Cruel State (나쁜나라)

Director: Kim Jin-yeol (2015, 119min)
Saturday 16 April 2016, 18:30–21:00
Raindance Film Centre | 10A Craven Street | London WC2N 5PE

Cruel State poster

In April 2014, the entire nation of South Korea watched on television live as The Sewol capsized off the coast of Jindo. The tragedy left life-long wounds in the hearts of people whose family and friends had been among the 304 passengers killed. The majority of the victims were high school students on a school trip. Their parents were not even given the luxury of grieving, as they had to camp out in front of the Parliament, City Hall and the Presidential House, asking for only one thing – to know the truth about why their children had been left to die. But after more than a year, that truth has yet to be brought to light.

This film is a documentation of the year-long struggle and painful soul-searching of people destined to be labelled as “bereaved families” for the rest of their lives, as they come face to face with the naked face of their cruel country.


One thought on “Event news: “Cruel State” documentary screening and 2nd anniversary Sewol Silent Protest

  1. To the uninitiated, this might seem a requiem for lost souls. Unfortunately the reality is this, the have nots in Korea have hijacked this thing and turned it into a rallying cry for the inequality in Korea. This is incompatible with grieving for lost souls.

    I find the criticism of the government over the top and self indulgent. A greedy businessman is at fault not President Park.

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