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Event news: 43rd London Open Go Congress 2016

A previous year's tournament
A previous year’s tournament (photo courtesy British Go Association)

If you’re looking for something different between Christmas and the New Year and are in the Great Portland Street area, why not look in at the London Open Go (Baduk) Congress? This year it’s sponsored by DeepMind, the company whose AlphaGo computer beat 18-time world champion Lee Se-dol earlier this year.

There’s a strong chance that the top prize will be taken by a Korean player as there are three Koreans in the top 5. The list of expected entries is here and includes

  • Haylee Maas aka Hajin Lee – professional 4 dan
  • Chimin Oh – amateur 7d equivalent to professional 1 dan and a previous winner
  • Kim Seong-Jin – amateur 7d also

There will be lectures and a game commentary in addition to the tournament itself.


28th – 31st December 2016
International Students House
229 Great Portland Street
London W1W 5PN

More information: British Go Association website

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