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    • RASKB Online Lecture: Practicing Korean Traditional Archery

      In 1899, the visiting Prince Heinrich of Prussia expressed his astonishment to Emperor Gojong at a traditional archery demonstration. The Prince, hailing from a militarized Prussian culture, sought out demonstrations of Korean martial arts, and Archery was the most impressive among the arts demonstrated. He was familiar with Turkish and Hungarian Archery of Europe, which … [Read More]

      Event news: 43rd London Open Go Congress 2016

      If you’re looking for something different between Christmas and the New Year and are in the Great Portland Street area, why not look in at the London Open Go (Baduk) Congress? This year it’s sponsored by DeepMind, the company whose AlphaGo computer beat 18-time world champion Lee Se-dol earlier this year. There’s a strong chance that the … [Read More]

      The 41st London Open Baduk Congress

      Ever been interested in finding out what Go / Baduk is all about? If you’re around in London later this month, that’s your chance. If you play, you can register to participate. Or you can just go along to watch. 41st London Open Go Congress 2014 28th – 31st December 2014, International Students House 229 … [Read More]

      The Guardian hikes the Baekdu-daegan

      There’s a nice piece in The Guardian this week about hiking the Baekdu-daegan. The author starts at Cheonwangbong peak, Jirisan, in Sancheong County (Gyeongsangnam-do) and walks north, ending his hike in the Deogyusan national park in Muju County, Jeollabuk-do. Koreans have long believed that a current of life-energy, or gi, runs between [Jirisan in the … [Read More]

      2012 Travel Diary #17: On hiking in Korea

      Sancheong, Gyeongsangnam-do, Thursday 29 March 2012. “Have you got proper hiking boots?” That’s the standard question from concerned Koreans when I told them I was going to walk up Jirisan. I was familiar with the Korean custom of dressing properly for hiking. You can’t miss the hikers on the subway, and indeed heading out to Gwacheon … [Read More]

      Korean Fighting Kites – part 1

      Dominick Jenkins explains his passion for Korean kites. Suddenly, he was there. Peter Nam. His icon, a Black, White, Panda. It dances, manically, on the screen. Thirty years earlier. Late 1970s England. The Cotswolds. A full gale. The wind bends great beech and oak trees. Rain imminent. I am alone in a car parking lot. … [Read More]