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Celebrate the lunar new year at Whitehall Historic House

Are you looking forward to celebrating the start of the Year of the Rat? Try out some family-friendly traditional Korean New Year activities at Whitehall Historic House in Cheam, courtesy of Sutton Cultural Services. And when you get home from there, why not try cooking tteokguk? Maangchi’s recipe is dead easy and tastes great. I tried it out last weekend just to make sure, because I’ll be cooking it for some friends come the 25th.

Lunar New Year Celebration

Whitehall Historic House | 1 Malden Road | Cheam | Sutton SM3 8QD
Saturday 25 January 2020 | 10:00 – 17:00 GMT | Admission free | Register on Eventbrite

Sutton Lunar New Year

Join us at Whitehall Historic House on Saturday 25th January as we celebrate Lunar New Year 2020 – a festival celebrated across East Asia!

Enjoy special activities such as creating your very own money envelopes, celebratory postcards, Chinese paper hats, follow the Zodiac animal trail and more!

Join our storyteller at 12 noon, 2pm and 3pm to learn about the animals of the Zodiac and find out what happens when they take over Whitehall! With words, music, puppets and art.

There’s also traditional hanbok on display and a pop-up exhibition of Korean objects associated with the Lunar New Year.

Drop in. Free

Korean new year games

Ddakji is a traditional South Korean game played using folded paper tiles. The aim of the game is to flip the opponents tile. If they are successful, they keep the tile. Come along to Whitehall Museum on Saturday 25th January to try it out.

In South Korea, Yeonnalligi (kite flying) is done on Seollal. Bangpae Yeons (방패연) are flown at New Year to ensure that the new year goes well. Make your own Bangpae Yeon at Whitehall Historic House

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