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Communication, Digital Media, and Popular Culture in Korea: Contemporary Research and Future Prospects

From the publisher’s website: In recent decades, Korean communication and media have substantially grown to become some of the most significant segments of Korean society. Since the early 1990s, Korea has experienced several distinctive changes in its politics, economy, and technology, which are directly related to the development of local media and culture. Korea has … [Read More]

Taekwondo: From a Martial Art to a Martial Sport

From the publisher’s website: This book provides a comprehensive overview of the historical, political, and technical evolution of taekwondo. Many of the supposedly ‘traditional’ and ‘ancient’ Korean cultural elements attached to taekwondo are, in fact, remnants of East Asia’s modernization drive, and largely inherited from the Japanese martial arts. The current historical portrayal has created … [Read More]

The Korean Popular Culture Reader

From the publisher’s website: Over the past decade, Korean popular culture has become a global phenomenon. The “Korean Wave” of music, film, television, sports, and cuisine generates significant revenues and cultural pride in South Korea. The Korean Popular Culture Reader provides a timely and essential foundation for the study of “K-pop,” relating the contemporary cultural landscape to … [Read More]

The Two Koreas and the Politics of Global Sport

From the publisher’s website: In ordinary circumstances, one could be forgiven for assuming that sport unites rather than divides people. But, as this first in-depth study of inter-Korean sporting life and competition over more than six decades clearly demonstrates, sport has in fact been held hostage to the ups and downs of inter-Korean political relations. … [Read More]

Transnational Sport: Gender, Media, and Global Korea

From the publisher’s website: Based on ethnographic research in Seoul and Los Angeles, Transnational Sport tells how sports shape experiences of global Koreanness, and how those experiences are affected by national cultures. Rachael Miyung Joo focuses on superstar Korean athletes and sporting events produced for transnational media consumption. She explains how Korean athletes who achieve success on … [Read More]

This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities

“In May 2000 I was fired from my job as a reporter on a finance newsletter because of an obsession with a videogame. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.” So begins this story of personal redemption through the unlikely medium of electronic games. Quake, World of Warcraft, Eve Online and other online games not only … [Read More]

Stories inside Stories: Music in the Making of the Korean Olympic Ceremonies

This volume is about the music in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Seoul Olympics (1988) that were watched on television by millions of people. More specifically, the book is about the planning and decisions that resulted in a remarkable presentation, a narrative enacted in mythic terms from Korean cosmology, archetypes from world religions, … [Read More]

Korea’s Pastimes and Customs: A Social History

From the publisher’s website: Why are there so many Gims (Kims), Yis (Lees) and Baks (Parks) in Korea? What was life like in Korea hundreds of years ago? What kinds of communities did the Korean people form? How did they celebrate their birthdays and holidays? What kinds of games did they play in their spare … [Read More]

Taekwondo: Philosophy and Culture

From the publisher’s website: Taekwondo is an international and Olympic sport which meets a growing interest in the development of increased concentration and spirit in many parts of the world. Taekwondo is one of the most popular martial arts in the world and contributes not only to the improvement of human health but also to … [Read More]

First Kyu

From the details at Amazon: How far would you go to be first? “BEFORE WE BEGIN… Let me tell you a story. An old story, a really old story. Do you know how to play Go? You do? First kyu, a player of the first rank? Really? Have you ever competed in a professional qualifying … [Read More]