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Bojagi: The Art of Korean Textiles with Techniques and Projects

Publisher: , , expected Jul 2024
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A creative guide to a unique and beautiful form of Korean art, steeped in ancient tradition.

Bojagi (wrapping cloths) are textiles pieced together from small scraps of fabric – they are a unique form of Korean textile art. The careful arrangement of shapes and colours shows an abstract composition which has made bojagi popular with textile artists and quilters today.

In this book, experienced artist and educator Youngmin Lee gives you comprehensive step-by-step instructions on traditional bojagi techniques and materials, and provides a history of the art form in Korean culture – which dates back to the Joseon dynasty – where it continues to occupy a prominent place in the daily lives of Koreans. Learn hand stitch techniques, seam finishes and decorative motifs on a range of materials from ramie, hemp and cotton to silk organza and naturally dyed, eco-printed materials.

Youngmin introduces a variety of beautifully illustrated projects, with a modern twist – from gift wrap to wall hangings to cushions and clothing – whilst always being true to ancient Korean textile traditions.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What are Bojagi?
  3. Tools
  4. Colors and Patterns
  5. Materials
  6. Techniques
  7. Before you start
  8. Projects:
    • Flower Pincushion (OyatKkot)
    • Lotus Leaf Mat (Yeonnip)
    • Four-Point Cushion (Nemo Bangseok)
    • Gift-wrap Bojagi (Yemulbo)
    • Covering Bojagi (Sangbo)
    • Flower Shaped Pouch (KkotJumeoni)
    • Jogakbo Style Placemat
    • Jogakbo Tote Bag
    • Ssamsol Jogakbo
    • Window covering
    • Barbara’s Boat Coaster
    • Book Sleeve
    • Yeouijumun Brooch
    • A Good Luck Charm (Goebul Norigae)
    • Wind Chime (Punggyeong)
    • Dumpling-Shaped Square Mobile (Mandu)
    • Gwi Jumeoni Sachet
  9. My Work and Collection

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