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The Korea Teddy Bear Association

Some bears by Won Myung-hee

Korea has a Teddy Bear Association? I thought it was only Brits who were so cranky. Do you think that group of bears is meant to be Super Junior T? #

2 thoughts on “The Korea Teddy Bear Association

  1. Philip,

    It hurt me that the contest was only open in the UK. I felt there was a ton of stuff to get your teeth into in Shinga. Maybe it’s a US thing, but the kind of mother-daughter memoir that this was is popular and I thought Pak did a great job of putting it into historical context without pounding a reader on the head with the pain of history.

    Way better than “petal,” I thought, at least in terms of contest fodder.

  2. Yes, the mother-daughter thing was the most interesting bit about the book. The mother reminds me of my own – hence my “people are the same everywhere” comment. But I’m not sure I want to write an essay about my mum 😉

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