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Present from the Past: meet the artists

The Korean Cultural Centre UK will be hosting an Artists’ Talk to go with the current exhibition: Present from the Past: the 60th Commemoration of the Korean War on 9 July, 2010. Participating artists will be invited for the talk and each will introduce their portfolio including the work submitted for this exhibition. A Q&A section will follow after the discussion. This will be your only opportunity to meet the artists internationally working at both Korea and the UK. Seats are limited, so please RSVP and enjoy free admission.

‘Artists’ Talk’ participating artists

Meekyung SHIN 신미경


2005 Specialist Research Development Program, Slade School of Fine Art in University College London, London
1998 MFA Sculpture, Slade School of Fine Art in University College London, London, UK
1990/93 BA and MA Sculpture, Seoul National University, Seoul

Selected Exhibitions

2009 Translation, Lefebrve & Fils Gallery, Paris
2007 Translation – Moon Jar, Korean gallery, British museum, London
2004 Performance at British Museum, London (curated by James Putnam)

Works and lives in London

Bada SONG 송바다


2002 BA Sculpture, Camberwell College of Art, UAL, London

Selected Exhibitions

2010 Stoned, Brixton Village Gallery, London
2006 The Neighbours’ Ox Ⅱ, Space Station 65, London
2006 Draw, Draw, Foundry, London

Works and lives in London

Je PAAK 박제성


2010 MA Communication Art & Design, Royal College of Art, London, UK
2003 BFA Visual Communication, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Selected Exhibitions

2010 4482, Barge House, Oxo Tower, London UK
2010 Wrong Love, A Foundation, Liverpool UK
2009 Crossfields, Korean Cultural Centre UK, London UK

Works and lives in London

Eemyun KANG 강임윤


2009 RA Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art, Royal Academy of Art, London, UK
2006 BA Fine Art, Slade School of Fine Art, London, UK

Selected Exhibitions

2010 Dozing River, Tina Kim Gallery, New York, USA
2010 Appropriate Modernism, Brussels, Belgium
2010 GIVEITANAME, Vegas Gallery, London, UK
2010 SeogyoSixty2010: The Imaginary Archive-The gaze of 120, Seoul, Korea

Works and lives in London


When: Friday, 9 July 2010 16:00 – 17:30
Where: Korean Cultural Centre UK
Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW
Free Admission
Please RSVP to attend the Artists’ Talk event:
email: [email protected] | tel: 0207 004 2600

Event details may be subjective to change. Please note the Korean Cultural Centre UK website.


3 thoughts on “Present from the Past: meet the artists

  1. My late husband was stationed in Korea in the early 1950’s, and after arriving there, as my memory best serves me, was station in Taegu. He was a cryptography specialist and, I believe, at one time was in Pusan also. Anyway, he was fascinated with the “sidewalk” artists who did their work on silk using airbrushes. During this time, our little girl was born here in the States, and he sent me six remarkable “tiger paintings” which, of course, I cherished and eventually had them framed – and now more than fifty years later, they grace a wall in my living room. The colors are just remarkably vibrant, and the poses are wonderful with both mothers and babies in two of the pictures and four other poses depicting “attack” modes. Unfortunately, I have not been able to define the signatures on these and would love to know if any of these artists reached any measure of importance and, if so, who they might be and how I might be able to find someone to decipher their signatures. After my husband’s death several years ago, I ran into a gentlemen who had something to do with the Korean government at an American Legion meeting in Macon, Georgia, and I told him that Bill had taken a great number of pictures while serving in Korea – really unusual photos that covered a great deal of the “everyday” life in that country. I do not remember his name, but I did get in touch with someone who knew who he was and subsequently mailed all of the slides that I had that depicted “everyday” life while he was there. The person who handled this was a speaker at the Legion meeting, and had remarked that so many “pictures” of everyday life in Korea had been destroyed and they were so anxious to find any pictures that might be in the hands of the GI’s who had made pictures that could be used in the schools there to show children who had no idea of what their life had been like prior to the war. Anyway, I digress, as I truly would like to know if any of these “sidewalk” artists were ever able to establish any of their work – and is there any way that I could find a record of names for any of them. The paintings are just remarkable – always a discussion spot when visitors see them – and I would love to know if any of them are still living and if they continued with their obvious talent! The colors are still vibrant and have been protected by framing by a friend who is an excellent framer. If there is anyone who has any idea of who some of these artists might be, I would love to have the information. I am so very sorry that I did not do more research at the time I received the paintings, but I was in Georgia, residing with my husbands family, and was nearly “out of my mind” with worry of having our first child when Bill could not be with me – and not knowing how things would “go” for us in the future. Thanks be to God, everything turned out just fine, and we were able to share forty-five years with each other at home in Georgia. If you have any sort of a “clue” as to how I can go about researching this information, I would be most grateful.

    You can contact me at: [email protected]

  2. I am looking for information on artist Lim Ha Shan. We have a large beautiful piece from this artist called “Lady with Beads”. We would like more information about the artist.

  3. I also recently bought a painting by Lim Ha Shan from an antique shop in Texas. The seller did not mention a title, but the painting is of a ginger cat and her kitten. The painting with frame measures 44”x30.25”. Holmes Samsel antiques in San Francisco has a painting by this artist for sale for $8,500 (see My painting is signed on the front; Samsel’s is signed on the back.

    Attached to my painting was a leaflet about the artist which was written by Karl Mann Associates. That gallery’s current web address is: Here’s what the leaflet says about the artist:

    “Translated literally, the name Lim Ha Shan means “forest summer mountain”, an appropriate beginning for this artist born in Seoul, Korea in 1945.

    He received a varied education that included influences and teaching from both western and oriental worlds. This circumstance made him admirably suited for his training as an artist, allowing him to incorporate ideas and traditions from both sides. After leaving university in Korea, Lim made his way through the European and Middle Eastern countries, enjoying contact with the museums and cultures he had studied in his early years.

    Deciding to pursue his art studies in the United States, he followed advanced courses at the Pennsylvania Academy. However, Lim has not lost sight nor interest in his heritage, and often chooses subjects that have direct Oriental inspiration. Because he is familiar with many cultures, he combines techniques and ideas with great fluency and skill. His flowing brush strokes, delicate use of pattern and especially his superb color reflect the traditions of the East.

    But his work also retains an awareness of the newest contemporary art; his abilities translate equally well into three dimensional form, often drawing on precious or household objects from China, Japan, Korea and India.”

    I hope to discover it’s title. Also, I might consider selling the painting. If anyone is interested, contact me at [email protected].

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