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2017 KCC film nights kick off with Princess Aurora

The 2017 film screenings at the KCC start with a season of horror movies and thrillers curated by Colette Balmain.

Princess Aurora (오로라 공주)

Dir: Bang Eun-jin, 2005, 106 mins
16 February 2017, 7pm @ KCCUK
Book via the KCCUK website

Princess Aurora poster

The directorial debut of Bang Eun-jin, Princess Aurora is a female take on the one of the most feted of all Korean genres: the revenge film. Vengeance, bloody and violent, here is meted out by Jung Soon-jung (Uhm Jung-hwa), a mother grieving the horrific death of her young daughter, at the hands of a stranger some years prior to the opening of the film. But what is the reason behind her ‘kill list’ – the people on which, including an abusive mother, seemingly have nothing in common, besides the small sticker of “Princess Aurora” (a children’s television series) which is found at the scene of each crime? To complicate matters, one of the detectives who is investigating the murders, Oh Sung-Ho (Moon Sung-geun), is her ex-husband. Driven down a spiralling path of destruction, can Detective Oh stop Soon-jung before it is too late?


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