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Event news: Musicians from Korea and Japan at Club Inegales

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As part of the two-day conference at SOAS, there will be one of Club Inégales’ special evenings of musical improvisation featuring musicians from Korea and Japan:

Presence though Sound: Elements of Asia

Yi Ji-young (gayagum) – Korea
Hyelim Kim (taegum flute) – Korea
Jihye Kim (changgo) – Korea
Kiku Day (shakuhachi) – Japan
+ Notes Inégales dir Peter Wiegold

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Date: Tuesday 18 April
Time: 7pm (music from 8pm)
Venue: Club Inégales, 180 North Gower Street, NW1 2NB
Nearest stations: Euston, Euston Square & Warren Street

Last November three of us flew to Korea to create a performance with leading traditional musicians Yunjeong Heo (geomungo), Yi Ji-young (gayageum) and our own wonderful Hyelim Kim (taegŭm flute). It took place in Prof. Heo’s own Bukchon Chanwoo theatre. What made this concert so special is that these wonderful artists are steeped in tradition, but also love to experiment and collaborate. You can hear an excerpt from this concert here, part of my Infinity to Dwell:

We also worked with an ensemble of 40 traditional musicians at Seoul National University, and it was fascinating to explore a creative orchestral process with instruments that often perform solo. I can still feel my spine tingle at the sound of the swirling haegeum textures – a two-string fiddle played in royal court music since at least the Goryeo dynasty (918–1392).

On Tuesday 18th April, we are absolutely delighted to welcome Yi Ji-young to London, a gayageum player of the most subtle poetry, playing alongside three other special musicians, Hyelim Kim, Jihye Kim (changgo) and Japanese shakuhachi player Kiku Day.
Korean music is the most funky, earthy – and soulful – music you will ever find, and, if you’re open to an experience that brings the very new and the very old together with the most exquisite and subtle sounds, I can’t recommend this evening enough to you.

This performance is taking place in the middle of a symposium at SOAS led by Prof. Keith Howard, Presence Through Sound: Place and contemporary music in and from East Asia, which is free and open to all (registration required). Prof. Howard will be at Club Inégales, alongside colleagues from the symposium, so there will be no better place in London next week to experience Korean music and witness a unique meeting of cultures with musicians from our own Notes Inégales in our third set.

As always, there’ll be delicious food from Taste of India available on the night from 7pm and free WiFi. Music starts at 8pm.

Hope to see you there.

Best wishes,

Peter Wiegold


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