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Final LKFF Teaser: A Tiger in Winter

So glad we’re getting to see another Lee Kwang-guk movie in London. I really enjoyed the focus on his movies back in the 2015 festival. This final LKFF 2018 teaser screening gives the opportunity for the official launch of the 2018 festival programme. The main festival runs 1 – 14 November 2018.

A Tiger in Winter (호랑이보다 무서운 겨울손님)

Director: Lee Kwang-guk (2017, 107 mins)
Cast: Lee Jin-wook, Ko Hyeon-jeong
Monday 17 September, 7pm @ Regent Street Cinema | Book tickets

Tiger in Winter

Lee Kwang-guk returns with his third title, A Tiger in Winter, a compassionate look at the perils and frustrations of creative inertia, as two writers seek to plough through their creative block.

On the same day a tiger escapes from the local zoo, Gyeong-yu, a feckless writer (Lee Jin-wook, Miss Granny), is kicked out of his girlfriend’s apartment. With nowhere to stay and the foreboding threat of a loose apex predator, he finds work as a driver for hire picking up a mixture of surly characters before coming across his ex-girlfriend, Yoo-jung, played by the inimitable Ko Hyeon-jeong (Woman on the Beach, Actresses) in a career defining role. Now a successful writer, Yoo-jung has earned the fame that Geong-yu always strived for, though lingering inner demons leave her no happier than her struggling counterpart. The two agree to meet once again to see if  the course of their future can be changed by reflecting on the past.

With the release of his third feature film, director Lee Kwang-guk is fast becoming an LKFF favourite for his inventive narratives and intimately realised characters. The themes of creative people at a standstill is familiar territory for the director, but the linear story is a fresh break from the time shifting narratives of his previous works, Romance Joe (2012) and A Matter of Interpretation (2015). Premiered at Busan International Film Festival and selected for the International Film Festival Rotterdam, A Tiger in Winter is a melancholic and humorous drama driven by the outstanding performances of its leads and the thrill that a very large, striped cat could strike at any time.

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3 thoughts on “Final LKFF Teaser: A Tiger in Winter

    1. That’s just about the only variant I haven’t come across 😀

      Wikipedia and the Regent Street Cinema credit her as Go Hyun-jung; Asian Media Wiki as Ko Hyun-jung; Hancinema as Ko Hyeon-jeong – and as I already credited her as that in my review of Actresses I stuck with that. Having thought about more maybe I would go with Ko Hyun-jung as that also has the backing of Darcy’s site and the KOFIC / KOBIZ film database. Do you know if she has expressed a preference for any particular version herself?

  1. I can give the film a strong recommendation. The freewheeling attitude to romanisation of names can be irritating, and sometimes troublesome.

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