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White and Wisdom: Korean Porcelain – at Han Collection

White and Wisdom: Korean Porcelain

The Han collection invites you to observe the pure simplicity of the white porcelain of the Joseon Dynasty. Created to reflect a dedication Confucian ideals. The beauty of these pieces comes from their naturalness. Their minimalism conveying a sense of modest wisdom which was so highly respected by the literati of Joseon who used these ceramics both in their everyday lives, and, in their dedication to ritual.

The Korean people have a deep connection to the colour white. Once known as “the white-clad people”, due to the white Hanboks that commoners wore, the colour white also held a significant signifier of purity, innocence, peace and patriotism. Even today white is still worn for weddings, new years celebrations and funerals to celebrate the journey to the afterlife.”

This exhibition hopes to showcase both the wisdom of Korean ceramic mastery and the symbolic importance of white in Joseon culture.

White and Wisdom: Korean Porcelain
Thursday 1 – Saturday 10 November 2018, 11:00 – 18:00
Han Collection | 33 Museum St | London WC1A 1LH |

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